Look: DREAMX NFTs Celebrating Hong Kong Culture Hit the Web

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DREAMX NFTs Celebrating Hong Kong Culture Hit the Web

DREAMX, a “dreamy” NFT project geared to celebrate Hong Kong’s creative culture, is the latest of a litany of exciting online projects to be birthed in the city’s burgeoning Web 3.0 space.

Created by Justin Choo, founder of Scalescape, Hong Kong's premier entrepreneurship-focused podcast,, DREAMX aims to facilitate a celebration of the energy and things that form the city's vibrant urban life.

“At DREAMX, we are inspired by the work of other creatives, which radiate an energy that has shaped Hong Kong culture,” Justin said..“Through our art, utilities, partnerships, and roadmap, we want to celebrate Hong Kong's flourishing creative culture.

“We aim to partner with SMEs and local businesses, to use our platform as an NFT project to highlight their work.”

In their first DREAMX collection, Justin and his team are seeking to capture Hong Kong’s vibrant food and beverage ecosystem; “its quirks, its colours, and all of the beauty in between.”

“From egg tarts to alcohol, every facet of Hong Kong food and beverage (F&B) scene revolves around artistic expression, community, and diversity. DREAMX is a realisation of this vision, brought to you by our design team with love,” he said.

Each NFT cloud is unique and celebrates an authentic bite of Hong Kong food culture: the scrumptious French toast, charred egg-tarts, soft dumplings, and poppy bubble tea.

“They represent a dream, and that bit of passion lurking inside all of us. The food is really just our focus on Hong Kong’s F&B (industry) for our genesis collection.”

Speaking on why he began the project, he said, “We want to use our art to highlight the Hong Kong’s rich creative culture, and to build a community of lifestyle entrepreneurs and creatives.”

“NFTs represent the next milestone of innovation in art, and DREAMX wants to be the face of the Hong Kong NFT ecosystem.”

The breadth and space for expansion of DREAMX is epic, with Justin and the team behind the project eager to simulate a breathing community behind it. “There is yet to be an NFT project with genuine utilities that empower the local, creative community,” Justin wrote.

Verified holders of DREAMX NFTs will have an opportunity to enjoy discounts at partnered restaurant brands in the city, access to exclusive giveaways, raffles, and airdrops, and access to the Scalescape Podcast network and private Discord communities.

In March 2022, DREAMX plans to launch on social media with exclusive Discord and Instagram channels, initiating giveaways, whitelisting, and partnerships with top influencers in Hong Kong.

By the second quarter of this year, the DREAMX "Support Local F&B" Initiative is set to launch, with DREAMX purchasing experience packages from local restaurants and venues "to give back to our holders."

Meanwhile, the third and fourth quarter can anticipate the version 2 drop of the DREAMX NFT collection and an expansion into the Metaverse, respectively.

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