What's On Guide to Hong Kong's Best Events, Dec. 4–12, 2023

What’s On HKG: Hong Kong Winterfest 2023 and More! Dec. 4 – 10, 2023

Ahh, another week is upon us, and you’re looking for cool things to get up to in the 852! We’ve saved you the hassle with The Beat Hong Kong’s rundown of the best places to hit up and things to do right now—from blink-and-you'll-miss-it pop-up sights and new restaurant openings, to the hottest activities that you shouldn’t miss.

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1. Hong Kong Winterfest 2023 at West Kowloon Cultural District

HK Winterfest 2023
Facebook/ West Kowloon Cultural District 西九文化區

Dive into the festive fun at Hong Kong's West Kowloon Cultural District, where art meets holiday cheer. Their specially decorated Christmas Town is rolling out the red carpet to all visitors, complete with a towering Christmas tree surrounded by its mini-tree entourage and dripping with ornaments, making the perfect backdrop for holiday selfies. And guess who's coming to town? Santa himself, cozied up in the Christmas lodge and ready for you to pay a visit.

On weekends, the Winter Harbourfront Pyrotechnics show is set to turn each night into a glittering spectacle. For the best views, march your merry selves to the lawn of the West Kowloon Cultural District. With Christmas Town on one side and Victoria Harbour's twinkling lights on the other, it's the ideal spot for capturing magical moments.

If you are hanging back to stay in town over the long holidays, why not explore Hong Kong through Christmas market-hopping? Here are our top picks for special Christmas fairs and bazaars across the city to suit all your holiday needs.

2. Roarr! Dinosaur Adventure Park 2.0 at KITEC in Kowloon Bay

Dinosaur Adventure KITEC 2023

Turn back the dials of history to when earth stood as ‘The Land Before Time.’ This unique park brings to life the fantasy of encountering real dinosaurs with an impressive exhibition of full-scale, incredibly realistic simulated Jurassic-era creatures. It's an educational yet entertaining journey, offering a rare opportunity to get up close and personal with these majestic prehistoric beings.

The park is filled with engaging dinosaur-themed activities sure to thrill every visitor. Highlights include interactive VR shooting games, the chance to ride on simulated walking dinosaurs, and a fun dinosaur slide that ends in a wave pool. Young explorers can also learn about different dinosaur species, unearth dinosaur bones in a sand pool like true palaeontologists, and enjoy other attractions like the dinosaur egg spinner! Along the journey, embark on a stamp-collecting adventure around the venue to earn a special dinosaur card as a memento. Don't miss the opportunity to capture photos with the dinosaurs as well to cement this experience in your memories.

3. Party on the Star Ferry – USKHK 10th Anniversary

USKHK Party on the Star Ferry
Eventbrite/Urban Sketchers Hong Kong

Climb aboard and join the Urban Sketchers Hong Kong (USKHK) community in celebrating their 10th Anniversary with a spectacular afternoon aboard Hong Kong’s iconic Star Ferry. Setting sail from Tsim Sha Tsui pier, the ferry will traverse the picturesque Victoria Harbour, offering breathtaking views of Hong Kong's skyline. As you cruise past Central towards Lei Yue Mun and the East Coast Park Precinct, indulge in live music and enjoy freshly brewed coffee on board.

This two-hour journey is a unique opportunity to sketch out the rolling waves and city views to your heart's content, capturing the essence of Hong Kong's urban beauty. The celebration continues post-cruise with more activities, promising an afternoon filled with art, music, and good fun.

4. In Perfect Order by Plastered 8 at Young Soy Gallery in Central

In Perfect Order Young Soy Gallery

Young Soy Gallery proudly presents 'IPO (In Perfect Order)', a captivating solo exhibition by Hong Kong-based artist Plastered 8, or Dominic Johnson Hill. With a rich background as an artist and streetwear brand creator over 18 years in Beijing and enjoying a renowned reputation in the pop art scene there, his work in Hong Kong offers a humorous yet incisive perspective on city life.

'IPO (In Perfect Order)' features a series of pieces exploring the artist's reflections on urban environments' glossy exteriors. This exhibition encourages viewers to delve beyond the surface-level allure of city life, challenging them to break through to the realities behind the urban facade.

5. Neopets 25th Anniversary Festival at Fashion Walk in Causeway Bay

Neopets 25th Anniversary Hong Kong

Neopets is turning Fashion Walk, Causeway Bay, into a blast from the past with its first-ever pop-up in Asia. As you saunter through the streets of Causeway Bay, prepare to be whisked into the whimsical world of Neopia. Step into a Neopets-themed wonderland ripped straight from the Y2K cyberspace and let nostalgia take the wheel. Iconic characters like Kacheek and Shoyru are all set to wave you in. Dive into a massive Christmas gift box at Paterson Street and bounce back to the Hasee Bounce days.

If you’re feeling artsy, there’s a spot for you to sketch your Neopet dreams. Plus, balloons! Grab a 25th-anniversary postcard, some cool Neo-swag like the coveted limited Neohoods, and let the good times roll.

6. JupYeah 12th Anniversary Winter Wardrobe Exchange at Heath in Tsim Sha Tsui

JupYeah 12th Anniversary Winter Wardrobe Exchange at Heath in Tsim Sha Tsui

In a world drowning in excess consumption, why keep fuelling the fire with new stuff when second-hand treasures await? Advocating for items that are still not finished with their life cycles, JupYeah's two-day RESELL LIBRARY special is here to make the fashion life cycle eco-friendlier and more sustainable, and it's all happening as part of a 12th Anniversary Special Pop-up at HEATH.

The two-day market is the ultimate hub for swapping those old clothes in your closet you’ve been dodging and snagging some pre-loved gems in return. Pack up your washed and mended Autumn/Winter menswear, womenswear, bags, and accessories (leave those shoes at home, please!) and join the winter wardrobe exchange. If you would simply like to do a little conscious shopping, embrace this chance to practice responsible consumption and check out some great second-hand options at the venue as well.

7. Hjem x Gentle Books Social in Central

Hjem x Gentle Books Social in Central

Hjem's cafe is excited to welcome gentle books as its new bookshop-in-residence, a women-led social enterprise dedicated to fostering a circular book economy in Hong Kong. Gentle books, founded by passionate book lovers, strives to save books from ending up in landfills through resale, distribution to other second-hand shops, charities, recycling, and upcycling. Additionally, 20% of their profits support literacy and education-focused NGOs. Explore their curated selection of second-hand books that’ll make just the perfect Christmas gift, while sipping on some mulled wine and indulging in traditional smørrebrød.

8. Christmas Trivia & Gin Night by Ginsanity at Davis Bistro in Central

Christmas Trivia & Gin Night by Ginsanity at Davis Bistro in Central

Get ready to soak in the holiday spirit with Ginsanity's festive celebration, featuring an exclusive lineup of free-flowing gins and a variety of house drinks. As Davis Bistro becomes adorned with festive decorations, step into a world of holiday enchantment with a selection of Christmas-themed gins, each thoughtfully paired with an assortment of house wines and spirits. It's an evening planned for ultimate Christmas quizzing and a host of delightful surprises.

With each ticket purchase, you'll receive a bonus HK$100 voucher for the Ginsanity online store, perfect for delving deeper into the world of premium gins. Additionally, the evening offers the chance to win exciting prizes, adding to the festive fun!

9. Sip and Bid Art Auction at China Club in Central

Sip and Bid Art Auction
Instagram/@ sip_and_bid

Swing by Sip and Bid’s entertaining art auction, nestled in the swanky China Club for an evening where fine wines aren't just for sipping but also for inspiring bids on spectacular art. Tickle your taste buds with a parade of canapes while your eyes feast on masterpieces by the city’s rising talent including Atelier Naomi, Pong Kate, Gaz Jones, Sandra Pottier, Gaelle Skura, and Amrita Tandon. Place bids on your favourites and feel the adrenaline rush as the successful deals are revealed at the end of the night.

10. Bao-Meets-Korea at Little Bao in Sheung Wan

Bao-Meets-Korea at Little Bao in Sheung Wan

This exclusive culinary crossover at Little Bao Central is a celebration of the fusion between Korean flavours and the beloved baos that have become a crowd-pleasing staple over the past decade. For this special night, Little Bao Central will offer a seven-course set menu, each dish thoughtfully paired with unique cocktails by the renowned Daniel Eun, famed for his work at 11 Westside and PDT New York. This collaboration between May Chow, Daniel Eun, and Chef Jun encapsulates the essence of the surrounding SoHo neighbourhood, marrying Korean culinary artistry with the iconic baos.

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