Sotheby’s En Route Exhibition Opens in Central Dec. 3


Sotheby’s En Route Exhibition Opens for Purchase Dec. 3 in Central

Doubling down on the festive season with a celebration, the exclusive Sotheby’s En Route Exhibition marks the occasion of Sotheby’s Buy Now functionality finally coming to Hong Kong and Asia.

First launched in 2020, the Sotheby’s Buy Now platform is a convenient and constantly updated channel for collectors to browse and purchase luxury goods outside of the usual auction seasons. With 24/7 access to an extravagant array of products, fine arts, and precious pieces, the platform allows instant purchase from outside of the curator house’s physical venues and operating hours.

This companion showcase is a two-week long exhibition displaying over 40 rare Hermès handbags. Opening its doors at a glamorous Central showroom between Dec. 3 to 16, the occasion marks a convergence of the digital, and immersive real-life viewings.

“Many of the pieces that we will be presenting in Hong Kong are new releases or have never before been exhibited to the public. We hope to present a curation of rare collectibles that resonates with local Hong Kong collectors, and to continue to elevate the experience of collecting in the city and beyond,” says Jean Qian, Sotheby’s Managing Director of China.

The collection on show features a covetable array of Hermès pieces, including the limited-edition Menthe Swift and Osier Wicker Birkin 25 (2021), the dashing canary Hermès Mimosa Matte Alligator Mini Kelly II 20 Gold Hardware (2021), and the iconic heart-shaped Black Quilted Lambskin Mini CC In Love Heart Belt Bag Pale Gold Hardware (2022). All the above will be available for instant purchase, alongside a catalogue of other beautiful Hermès works.

Location: G/F, Pacific House, 20-20B Queen’s Road Central, Central, Hong Kong

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