Hot Springs to Visit in Malaysia for a Relaxing Getaway
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Visit These Hot Springs in Malaysia for a Relaxing Getaway

Hot Springs to Visit in Malaysia for a Relaxing Getaway

Picture this: you've been hustling through work, your stress levels are reaching their boiling point, and you're starting to feel like a human-shaped pressure cooker ready to blow its lid. What do you do? Well, one option is plotting your escape to the nearest oasis of relaxation — and what better place to soak away your worries than in the warm embrace of a natural hot spring?

With its diverse landscapes and bubbling geothermal wonders, Malaysia offers a plethora of options to melt your stress faster than butter on a hot pan. Grab your towels, because here's our list of the best hot springs in the country that will give you a relaxing getaway.

The Banjaran Hotsprings Retreat

If you’re a seasoned travel junkie, you’ve probably heard of this luxury destination in Ipoh. Tucked in a 22.7-acre valley, The Banjaran Retreat houses rejuvenating hot springs that look straight out of a fairytale book. It is also surrounded by limestone hills and magnificent waterfalls, letting you bask in the beauty of nature.

Aside from this, The Banjaran Retreat likewise offers homey and comfortable accommodations, some with accompanying private hot spring pools. There are also various dining options, including the all-day diner Pomelo and fine dining restaurant Jeff’s Cellar, set in a cave-like venue. To learn more or book your stay, go here.

Location: The Banjaran Hotsprings Retreat, No 1, Persiaran Lagun Sunway 3, Ipoh, Malaysia

Contact details: +60 5-210 7777 or email [email protected]

Lost World Hot Springs and Spa

This destination is not only for busy adults looking for relaxation, but for playful and fun-loving kids as well! Its 100% natural mineral hot springs, calming infinity pool, jacuzzi pool, detoxifying steam cave, coupled with spa packages and other offerings will surely whisk away all your stress.

To top it off, there are numerous attractions in Lost World that young ones can enjoy, including the Saphira’s Lair night park, the petting zoo, and the amusement park. To buy your tickets, visit Lost World Hot Springs and Spa’s website.

Location: Lost World Hot Springs and Spa, No.1, Persiaran Lagun Sunway 1, Sunway City Ipoh, Perak Darul Ridzuan, Malaysia

Contact details: +605 542 8888 or email [email protected]

Felda Residences Hot Springs

Felda Residences Hot Springs in Perak, Malaysia
Photo by Website/Felda Residences

Nestled in Sungkai, Felda Residences offers a tranquil hot springs getaway for those who are in need of an escape from the chaotic city. Aside from cozy accommodations, what makes Felda Residences a must-visit is its picturesque views of nature. You can also ride ATVs to stroll around the place or take a dip at the rejuvenating Mountain Spring pool. There’s also a playground for kids and various dining spots that gourmets will appreciate. Book your vacation here!

Location: Felda Residence Hot Springs, Jalan Sungai Klah, Sungkai, Perak, Malaysia

Contact details: +60 5-438 8801 or email [email protected]

Beacon Resort

Beacon Resorts Hot Springs in Selangor, Malaysia
Photo by Website/Beacon Resort

Get the healing you need at this resort in Selangor! Beacon Resort’s hot spring is drawn from naturally heated water from the Earth’s geothermal energy, which brings numerous health benefits. Here, guests can also enjoy a beautiful view of nature and a refreshing and clean ambience. The resort likewise serves fresh and organic food — perfect for those also seeking wellness from within. Book your stay here by visiting its website.

Location: Beacon Resort, PT 4049, Mukim Sungai Gumut, Kampung Gumut Tambahan, Kalumpang, Hulu Selangor

Contact details: +6019-833 3378 or email [email protected]

Poring Hot Spring and Nature Reserve

Poring Hot Spring and Nature Reserve in Sabah, Malaysia
Photo by Website/Secret Retreats

This hidden gem near Kinabalu Park is a must-visit for those looking to free themselves of stress and dive into nature. With sulfuric water hot springs, Poring Hot Spring is known to help soothe aching muscles. This destination also has various facilities that will immerse you in the beauty of nature, including bird-watching spots, an orchid garden, and a butterfly farm. Book a stay in one of their lodges here.

Location: Poring Hot Spring and Nature Reserve, Ranau, Sabah, Malaysia

Contact details: Email [email protected]

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