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Five Exclusive Members-Only Clubs in Malaysia


When it comes to intangibles that go with wealth, exclusivity is the one thing money can afford that nothing else can buy. It manifests in many forms, like access to secret bars that cater to a higher-end clientele or entry into an event that would otherwise be closed to the public. Or you simply have enough space in your credit card to hop on to a plane to Cannes to join celebrities in the most exclusive parties in the world.

As for something closer to home, being moneyed in Malaysia means access to the most exclusive social clubs in this side of the world. They may be fairly newer than other heritage organisations, but there is no shortage of sought-after societies catering to worldly tastes. Being a member of these clubs also brings you closer to cloisters of power and business, something that is truly rare.

Here are some of the most exclusive members-only clubs in Malaysia.

Royal Langkawi Yacht Club

As Malaysia’s only award-winning marina, a membership at the Royal Langkawi Yacht Club puts you among rare company. Y.A.M. Tunku Tan Sri Abdullah, founder of the Melawar Group, started the Langkawi Yacht club as a passion project. But as years passed, it is now the premier spot for boating enthusiasts in the country. One of the most famous members of the club was the HRH Sultan of Kedah, who granted its “royal” title, thus making it the Royal Langkawi Yacht Club.

It counts among its members the elites of Malaysian society, as well as former prime ministers and other prominent dignitaries.

Kuala Lumpur Golf & Country Club

The Kuala Lumpur Golf & Country Club (KLGCC) describes itself as “more than a golf resort.” Members can enjoy leisurely activities, one of the best dining experiences in the country, and play golf in one of the most award-laden ranges in the world. KLGCC has received world-class recognition for four years running, making it the top golf course in Malaysia and in Asia.

The membership costs RM215,000, and comes with a plethora of worldwide benefits, as well as golfing privileges in other premier Asian golf clubs.

Malaysian Petroleum Club

The Malaysian Petroleum Club resides at the centrepiece of Malaysian economy: the PETRONAS Twin Towers. The PETRONAS affiliation does not stop there, as former club presidents and current top brass within the company are among the club can call as members. The three-floor facility is a den for industry titans, with dedicated first-class dining areas, meeting spaces, and the most exclusive drinking hole in all of Kuala Lumpur, the Bayan Bar.

Kuala Lumpur Business Club

Another club that hosts the elites of Malaysian business, the Kuala Lumpur Business Club is as discerning as any gated societies in the world. Its membership count will never exceed 100 people, and any new or potential candidate is subject to invitation, vetting and approval by the board of directors. The club calls on many captains of industry as their members.

Royal Selangor Club

Founded in 1884, the Royal Selangor Club is one of the oldest sporting institutions in Asia. A social club with humble roots, it started out as a tiny wooden hut with an attap (palm) roof. In the beginning, the Selangor Club is where the members’ families can mingle and discuss the matters of the day. But now, and after being conferred the “Royal” title, the main clubhouse has been upgraded to the Tudor style and now known as “the Spotted Dog.” The events also stretched beyond socialising, as the Royal Selangor Club started to host exclusive events, dinners, and functions.

Expatriates and officials, as well as those in the higher echelons of Malaysian society, call the Royal Selangor Club their second home.

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