Why does Macau celebrate the Feast of Lu Ban every July?
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All You Need to Know About The Feast Of Lu Ban Celebrated in Macau

Macau celebrates the Feast of Lu Ban every July

Who is Lu Ban?

Lu Ban, a revered Chinese figure in woodworking, carpentry, and architecture, is celebrated in Macau every year on his birthday, the 13th day of the sixth month of the lunar calendar. This festival has become a unique and traditional event in the region, drawing the participation of professionals from various industries who take the day off to celebrate and seek blessings from their ancestors.

Celebrating the Birth of Lu Ban in Macau

The belief in Lu Ban has been passed down for generations in Macau, as he is considered a guardian of the safety of buildings and architects. The Lu Ban Si Fu Temple will hold celebrations during this time, where incense is burned, and other worship ceremonies are held. But the festivities don't stop there; feasts are organized, with the famous roasted suckling pork served, as associations gather to celebrate and pay homage to their ancestors.

But the Feast of Lu Ban is more than just a time of prayer and worship. They are a time of getting the community together, where people from the building, architecture and crafting industries come together to honour the legacy of a great ancestor and celebrate their own heritage and culture. Together with the feast, there will also be parades, processions, traditional dances, and music performances.

For those who participate in the Lu Ban Celebrations, it is a time of great spiritual significance. They believe that by worshipping Lu Ban, they can gain his wisdom, guidance, protection and blessings. Do not miss out on the Feast of Lu Ban as it is a deeply held belief that has been passed down for generations and brings the people and community together.

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