What to Do in Taipa Village to Experience an Authentic Macau

Things to Do in the Quaint Taipa Village to Experience an Authentic Macau

Taipa Village Macau Photo by Facebook/Taipa Village Macau

If you wish to experience an authentic Macau, Taipa Village is the place to be. Situated in the oldest and best-preserved area of Taipa, the former fishing village with its cobbled streets and traditional shophouses offers a stark contrast to the loud and flashy casino strip of Macau.

Taipa Village is characterised by both Portuguese and Chinese architecture, a perfect blend of East and West, that is testament to the region's multiculturality. Today, Taipa Village has become the go-to destination of tourists and locals alike who want an authentic experience of Macau's rich and diverse art, culture and heritage, dining, and shopping scenes. Here are the best things you can do if ever you find yourself in the quaint and charming Taipa Village.

Embark on a Food Crawl

Taipa Village is a foodie's haven, brimming with bakeries, street food stalls, and restaurants that champion Chinese, Portuguese, and Spanish dishes and traditions. Embark on a gastronomic journey as you sample the offerings of this village. We recommend you check out the award-winning António if you want to experience only the finest in authentic Portuguese cuisine. The restaurant is suitable for intimate dinners, business lunches, as well as wedding receptions.

Meanwhile, there's Tapas de Portugal if you want to know the Portuguese tapas experience, with creative and mouthwatering dishes from the restaurant's innovative menu. Tapas de Portugal has had the Star Merchant Award since 2018 from the Macao Government Tourism Office's Quality Tourism Services Accreditation Scheme.

Go on a Culture and Heritage Adventure

Taipa Village is the perfect destination if you need a dose of heritage and recreation. Once called home by Macau's local fishermen, the village had been preserved and promoted by the Taipa Village Destination Ltd to showcase to locals and tourists its beautiful landmarks, including Chinese temples, villas, shophouses, and colonial churches.

The temples worth checking out are the Sam Po Temple, I Leng Temple, Tin Hau Temple, Pak Tai Temple, and Kun Iam Temple. Other heritage sites you should visit are the Iec Long Firecracker Factory, the Vila da Taipa, Our Lady of Carmo Church, and Cunha Street, among many others.

Check Out Beautiful Murals

Art lovers will also come to appreciate Taipa Village's Living Space, where artworks from local and international artists are showcased. The gallery is the village's "cultural pilgrimage," so to speak, and is recommended for those who need to get away from the glitz and chaos of the city for some much-needed art and calm. Taipa Village Living Space organises exhibitions, workshops, and other events regularly, so make sure to check out its website to stay updated.

To sight art anytime, check out Taipa Village's mural at Travessa da Boa Vista's stairs, which was painted by young Macau artists Vitorino Vong and Jane Ieng. The mural is near Rua Direita Carlos Eugenio and the Iec Long Firework Factory.

Another mural you can check out is Macau artist P.I.B.G.'s "STAY WITH ME" at Largo Camões. The work was in collaboration with the Taipa Village Cultural Association and was created to "boost hope and positivity to [the village] against the pandemic."

Shop 'til You Drop!

Of course, your time in Taipa Village won't be complete without some shopping! The area is brimming with boutiques for lifestyle products, gifts and accessories, and food souvenirs. For fashionistas, OldTown is the place to be if you adore street style and trendy looks. We also recommend DOIS Vintage if you are a collector of classic, out-of-print branded preloved bags and accessories.

For artisan Macanese goodies for giving away or take-home, there's Alua E Comidas Portugueas Kam In, among others, which is regarded for preserving the traditional method of creating century-old pastries. Some of its popular delicacies are genete, egg candy, and alua, which is typically eaten during Christmastime.

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