Five Destinations to Put in Your First Macau Itinerary
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First Time in Macau? Here Are Five Activities to Put in Your Itinerary

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With China’s reopening, Macau is once again free to claim its crown as one of Asia’s finest tourist destinations. It has been hit hard by the pandemic, as most of it economy depend on its visitors. But, this 2023, with COVID-19 lockdowns nearly in the rearview, it is time for this gaming paradise to shine once again.

It can be overwhelming to plan for a Macau trip for the first time. There are so many things to do and places to go, despite being geographically small, that you could spend a lot but not do much. To help you build your first-time itinerary for Macau, here are five must-do activities for a successful trip: 

Completing the Historic Centre of Macau

      Historic Centre of Macau
      A once-Portuguese outpost in Asia | Photo by Serge Dos Santos/UNESCO

      May completing the tour of all the sites in the Historic Centre of Macau be the main activity of your visit. This collection of historically priceless destinations encapsulates the soul of this place. In this journey, you will find the extent of Portugal’s influence in this now humming capital Asian city. The 22 sites may be a bit much, but Macau being small really helps with the travel needs between places.

      Dine and Dare in Macau Tower

      Macau Tower
      A gem in the Macau skyline

          You would be wrong in assuming that Macau Tower is your usual skyscraping attraction. There are the usual penthouse dining establishments and sight-seeing tours—a 360-degree view of the city is hard not to market—but adrenaline junkies will find plenty of blood-pumping activities at the top and outside of the tower.

          • Bungie jumping – the ultimate rush within city limits, this is a true free-fall bungie jumping experience in Macau city centre
          • SkyJump – the more controlled version of bungie jumping, you will descend the same height as bungie jumpers but this one is slow and, dare we say, more scenic
          • SkyWalk – this is a walkable platform just outside Macau Tower, but the deal is that the platform is 233 metres high. This is the all-around view of Macau that, if your health permits it, you simply cannot miss
          • Tower climb – If you want to scale the Macau Tower up to the antenna high above the top floor, the tower climb is for you. This is something only a few people dare do so it is definitely a notch in your travelling belt

          Shopping at Galaxy Macau

          Galaxy Macau
          A haven for luxury | Photo via Website/Galaxy Macau

            Macau has an undeniable quality that makes it a shopper’s paradise, and a one-time James Bond location: its opulence. The Promenade Shops at Galaxy Macau is what we mean when we say opulence. There are more than 200 shops and a few pop-ups here of the biggest retail brands in the world. This is such a premier shopping destination that many of the most famous names in fashion prioritise this place for releases. Just by being in here, you are already stepping in luxury. It really is that decadent in this place.

            Macau’s Massive Casinos

            Macau casinos
            Grander than Las Vegas

              Its reputation for world-class gaming means Macau does not play when it comes to casinos. A vital part of the city’s economy and its main tourist attraction, these casinos will offer the most fun and absorbing gaming experience of your life. Even before getting in, places like the Grand Lisboa, The Venetian, The Parisian, and MGM Cotai will wow you as you walk in and around it.

              Visiting Ancient Chinese Temples

              Macau Temple
              Chinese heritage in display | Photo by Geoff Steven/UNESCO

                Chinese culture is central to the Macanese people and even though the Portuguese occupied the country for over 400 years, this is a Chinese city through and through. If you want to learn more about the influence of China to the history of Macau, try visiting a few Chinese temples around the city. The A-Ma Temple should be among your itinerary, as it predates the city of Macau itself. It has also been said that this is where Macau’s name came from, as the A-Ma came from the Chinese “A-Ma-Gau:” which means Bay of A-Ma.

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