DSPA Adds More FUN Recycling Stations in Nova City

DSPA Adds More ‘Eco-friendly FUN Recycling Station’ in Nova City

The Environmental Protection Bureau (DSPA) has set up a new “environment-friendly FUN clean recycling station” in Nova City to provide the public with more recycling services, it said in a press release on Monday, Jan. 30.

In the past, the DSPA has set up stations in Nam Van (Praia Grande), Taipa, and other locations with evening or Sunday collection periods to give residents a chance to recycle after work or during the holidays. After analysing the operations of these stations and the recycling habits of the public, the DSPA has further optimised the station in Nova City.

The new station will have a 24-hour smart recycling machine and longer operating hours, from 11 AM to 7 PM, except Tuesdays and public holidays, making way for other stations that are closed on Mondays.

The station will also have the largest range of recycling services. In addition to having three coloured bins for paper, plastic, metal or aluminium cans, and glass bottles, the station will accept small household appliances, fluorescent light tubes, batteries, and food waste.

For more information, visit DSPA’s website or call their green hotline at 2876 2626.

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