BENCH/ Launches New Hang Tags That Are Made of Soap

Clothing Label BENCH/ Launches Innovative Soap Hang Tags

It seems sustainable products are becoming all the rage today, as one of the top apparel brands in the Philippines has launched a new type of hang tag that will make washing your clothes easier and less wasteful.

Lifestyle label BENCH/ has unveiled its groundbreaking innovation, called “Washtags,” which is a more "practical and sustainable" alternative to the usual hang tags we see stitched on our clothes. It is made of a sheet completely made of detergent and printed with biodegradable and non-staining ink, which is targeted at reducing paper waste.

Washtag Composition on Bench/ Better Made T-Shirts
Photo by BENCH/

With this product, you can do a first wash on your clothes by just throwing them in the washer without adding detergent!

"Reducing paper waste by shifting to detergent tags may seem like a small effort for others, but we believe that every little thing we can do to improve will eventually add up and amount to something significant," said Ben Chan, chairman of BENCH/.

Currently, the Washtags are only available on the brand’s Better Made shirts, which are made of recycled plastic bottles. BENCH/, however, is looking to apply Washtags to all its products.

To purchase these shirts, head over to BENCH’s website or follow them on their Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok pages for more information.

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