Super Junior Garden by Filipino ELF Opens in Rizal Park


Look: This New Garden in Rizal Park Is a Special Project from K-Pop Fans

Celebrate your favorite K-Pop group's milestone in a greener way! In celebration of Super Junior's 18th anniversary, Filipino ELF (Super Junior's Everlasting Friends) has launched and opened to the public their special project named “Super Junior Garden” in Rizal Park.

In a social media post, one of the local fanbases of the legendary K-Pop boy group introduced the newly constructed garden filled with shades of green and blue, along with the hashtag #FromSapphireBluetoGreen pertaining to the group's official color.

The fanbase said it aims to give back to the community by providing “a safe space for people to meditate, relax, and heal through the nature that surrounds them.” Additionally, the garden aims to serve as an inspiration for other fandoms to participate and contribute to providing more green spaces in the country while still supporting their favorite artists.

Located at Kanlungan ng Sining Garden in Rizal Park, visitors can visit the garden for free and enjoy the lush greenery in the middle of the bustling city of Manila.

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