The Beat Manila Asks Pinoys Random Filipino Trivia Questions


What Is PH's National Animal? Pinoys Answer This & More for The Beat Asks

Do you know where our national hero, Jose Rizal, was shot to death? What about whose face is on the P20 bill? Any clue on what our “pambansang hayop” (national animal) is?

We took matters into our own hands to discover how well Pinoys know random facts about their homeland through an ambush interview in the streets of Manila. Spoiler alert: some answers may surprise you.

@thebeat.mnl Are you ready to learn some random Filipino facts? 👀 In this episode of #TheBeatAsks, we're celebrating 🇵🇭 Buwan ng Wika 🇵🇭 by asking some trivia questions that may revoke your Pinoy card. 🤔 #buwanngwika #pinoyfunfacts #pinoytiktok #filipinorelatable #fypシ゚viral #andreabrillantes #blythe ♬ original sound - ladyrider88🇵🇭CAT🦋👼 - Maestrang Bisaya

When asked where Rizal was shot, some interviewees humorously answered “sa likod” (in the back). Jokes aside, the interviewees correctly answered Bagumbayan, which is now known as Luneta.

We even chanced upon Filipina actress, model, and entrepreneur Andrea Brillantes, who also had her knowledge about Filipino culture tested. While some outright gave the correct answer, Carabao, when asked about our national animal, the actress amplified the fun by answering “mga cheater” (cheaters).

The relatable comment earned hearts and laughs from netizens, with many TikTok users agreeing and saying that she “slayed” with her answer. The clip even went viral and was featured by other media outlets.

We were also curious about what Pinoys think our country’s “pambansang ulam” (national dish) is, and it turns out that many of us know that it’s “adobo.” Andrea likewise mentioned this as her answer and even spilled the beans on her favorite food.

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