Exclusive Membership Clubs in Manila: Where Elite Hang Out
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Exclusive Membership Clubs: Where Manila’s Elite Hang Out

Exclusive Membership Clubs Where Manilas Elite Hang Out Photo by Facebook/Balesin Island Club

For regular people, unwinding on a weekend means a trip to the mall or a nice meal at a restaurant. But for Manila’s 1%, this is synonymous to exclusive access to luxury clubs whose members get to enjoy a secluded place to themselves away from the noise and bustle of the rest of the city. Becoming a member of these clubs is not all about money, though. You have to know the right people and get an invite from an existing member to secure a coveted slot.

In this article, we’ve selected five of the most prestigious and highly sought exclusive membership clubs where Manila’s elite hang out.

Manila Polo Club

One of the oldest rich-only clubs in the country, Manila Polo Club allows members to enjoy a range of sports activities including archery, golf, tennis, and squash. Restaurants and cafes are also on the site for those who want a more laidback stay. Being a member of this prestigious club is no joke: the admission rate is between P12.5 million and P13.3 million pesos, excluding an application fee of P112,000.


The Country Club at Tagaytay Highlands

A secluded haven for moneyed people looking for a reprieve from Manila’s traffic and pollution, The Country Club at Tagaytay Highlands balances its greeneries with upscale facilities that dot the sprawling development. It has all the amenities one could think of: a 14-lane disco bowling center, an indoor basketball court, restaurants that range from local to continental, cable cars, and more. This club’s transfer fee starts at P120,000.


The Palms Country Club

Developed by Filinvest, The Palms Country Club sits on three hectares of land flanked by trees and tucked amid Alabang’s most private space. It has on-site restaurants, a bowling alley, a pool bar, and a deli famous for its wines and pastries.

Admission to this club is reportedly around P1.2 million to P1.4 million, with annual membership fee of P56,000 and above.

Ayala Alabang Country Club

Another entry from the upscale side of Alabang, this exclusive membership club began in 1981 with more than 1,600 members. After 40 years, the club has not even doubled its numbers, an indication of the exclusivity that comes with being a member. The 74-hectare development houses a bevy of facilities including a golf course, swimming pool, badminton court, and a dance studio, among others.


Balesin Island Club

For the regular folks, Balesin is known as local celebrities’ go-to R&R destination, thanks to its gorgeous, white-sand beach complemented by the property’s posh amenities. It sits on a 500-hectare tropical island, a 25-minute plane ride from Metro Manila. Members are treated to luxurious villas, a clubhouse, and villages themed after famous vacation destinations around the world. Its 14-suite Balesin Royal Villa admires the view of Lamon Bay and the Sierra Madre mountain range, a rare treat for the country’s elites.

If you want to be a member, prepare to fork out P2.2 million to P4 million.

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