Exciting Ideas When Renting a Yacht in Manila


Here’s What You Can Do When You Rent a Yacht in Manila

Many of us want the luxury of having our own private space when hosting an important event or celebrating an occasion with our loved ones. While a hotel’s event hall is enough for some, others may want to be outside with bodies of water as part of their ambience and view.

Although not all of us can rent an entire island, you can still have your own private space surrounded by waters by renting a yacht. Not only is it cheaper in a sense, but you and your guests don’t have to go that far if you simply want to be secluded for a short time.

Here are some ideas on what you can do when you rent a yacht in Manila.

Propose to Your Partner

A romantic dinner proposal is nice, but if you want to take it to the next level, why not do it on a private cruise? If your partner is the type to appreciate privacy, then you wouldn’t go wrong with this plan.

This yacht wedding proposal package includes the use of a 46-feet Camargue luxury yacht for two hours and a romantic proposal set-up (complete with a low table and pillow, colored balloons of your choice, and scattered rose petals) at the bow area. The yacht will cruise around Manila Bay while you enjoy a four-course meal and a bottle of red wine. You’ll also have a personal on-the-day event coordinator to make sure that everything will go well during the proposal.

The package is worth P50,000 (subject to change) with a rate of P11,250 for an additional hour cruise.

Hold a Wedding (and Reception)

A wedding involves a lot of preparation, especially when choosing and booking a venue. If you don’t inquire early, chances are you won’t find a good hotel for your ceremony and reception on your chosen date. If you’re holding an intimate wedding anyway, why not just book a yacht?

This yacht wedding package allows you to sail away to your dream wedding while enjoying the beautiful sunset at Manila Bay with your closest friends and family. This three-hour cruise is good for 20 guests and includes a dinner buffet with thematic basic set-up, professional lights, and sound system with a DJ. There will also be a personal event coordinator on-board to make sure that you can enjoy your big day.

The package costs P135,000 (subject to change) with an additional hour cruise rate of P25,000. You can also dock longer for P15,000 per hour.

Host a Luxurious Party

Ever wondered what it’s like to party while cruising through the seascape of Manila Bay? Whether you’re planning to host a birthday party or a corporate event, this Manila Party Yacht package will help you and your guests experience that.

For two hours, you’ll have a spacious upper deck where you and your guests (maximum of 25 people) can enjoy a panoramic view of the shallow sea bay. There will be professional lights and music, along with a DJ, so you can party to your heart’s content. In terms of food, there will be catering on board to make sure that everyone’s appetite will be satisfied.

The package costs P150,000 (subject to change). Special rates will apply if your party date falls on a holiday.

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