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Trade Pre Loved Clothes for Vouchers at REFAS Hs Pop Up

REFASH’s Pop-Up Lets You Trade Pre-Loved Clothes for Shopping Vouchers

Pre-loved clothes will undergo a curation process, where the staff will evaluate if the clothes meet the standards and how much each piece is worth based on its design, brand, material, type, and popularity.
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10 Thrift Stores in KL for Your Sustainability and Secondhand Shopping

Shopping, sustainability, and style, thrifting serves all the good things. If you are ever around Kuala Lumpur, here are stores to put in your radar.
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10 Thrift Stores in Singapore to Help You Refresh Your Wardrobe

When your fashion rotation is looking stale, there is no need to splurge. A visit to the right thrift store can refresh your look without having to cost a lot.
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Best Thift Stores in Hong Kong to Shop at on National Thrift Shop Day

To celebrate National Thrifting Day, we have sourced the best shops for you to get your fix of retail therapy in city's best vintage stores and thriftshops buying 1950s military gear, psychedelic flower shirts, or famous brands.
Thrift Shops in Singapore for Your Next Bargain Hunt

Thrift Shops in Singapore for Your Next Bargain Hunt

Thrift shops have always been a part of Singapore’s shopping culture, although it is only recently that they have started getting attention beyond bargain hunters.