The 10 Best Vintage Stores and Thrift Shops in Hong Kong
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Best Thift Stores in Hong Kong to Shop at on National Thrift Shop Day

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Vintage shopping and thrifting are having their moment in Hong Kong this year. Not only the experience of sifting through rails and piles of clothes to find what you’re looking for, but the chance to find vintage items at a fraction of the cost and that are more sustainable than buying from outlets.

In a celebration of the almighty important National Thrift Shop Day, a worldwide celebration on August 17 of the stores that bless us with classic vintage finds, we have listed the best 10 thrift shops stocked with treasure troves of vintage gold and we’re positive you won’t leave empty-handed.  

Mee & Gee

The king of American-styled thrifting in Hong Kong, Mee & Gee has reigned its monopoly on super cheap, trendy, and funky thrift stores across Hong Kong and Kowloon for years. Recognized down alleyways for their signature HK$10 t-shirts and jackets, Mee & Gee is a cult favorite for those in search of Hawaiian tees, Japanese baseball uniforms, baggy ‘90s jeans, short skirts, and British football jerseys.

With two stores in Mong Kok, one in Central’s Ladies Market, and the most recently opened in Wan Chai, it is recommended to spend one to two hours sifting through the piles and piles of clothes.

Mong Kok #1 location: 181 Fa Yuen St, Mong Kok, Kowloon

Mong Kok #2 location: 55 Tung Choi St, Mong Kok, Kowloon

Central location: 9 Li Yuen St W, Central, Hong Kong

Wan Chai location: 3 Tai Yuen St, Wan Chai, Hong Kong

Midwest Vintage

A staple in Hong Kong’s vintage clothing scene for over 19 years and arguably the city's first thrift store, Midwest Village sells retro fare flown directly from their distribution centere in Texas. They specialize in one-of-a-kind – custom-made kimonos and jackets, studded cowboy boots, military bomber jackets, ‘70s-‘90s utility ware, and obscure but flashy blue collar American workwear.

The store is known for helping customers with patchwork, refitting jeans and jackets, cleaning, and ensuring the legitimacy of their products. Take note of their extensive collection of band and college tees, a fan favorite amongst regulars at their Mong Kok store.

Tin Hau location: Shop 58, G/F, Victoria Centre, 15 Watson Rd, Tin Hau, Hong Kong

Mong Kok location: Shop A, G/F, Nelson Court, Waterloo Rd, Mong Kok, Kowloon


As compared to the island’s previous thrifting contender, BangBang70s brings it up one notch, marketing rare second-hand Gucci, Burberry, Versace, Prada, and more, at a discount to today’s luxury items. The Sheung Wan store feels like a time machine, entering a distant 1970s Hong Kong filled with luxury and alure.

Opening hours are only limited from 12 PM to 4 PM Mondays to Fridays, with an extension to 6 PM on weekends, so time your visit. It is recommended to peruse their Instagram page first to see their latest collection of handbags, shoes, jewelry and jackets for sale.

Location: 1/F, 16A, Aberdeen St, Central, Hong Kong

Little DOT Vintage Shop

Specialising in 1950s-80s American female apparel, Little Dot brings the clock back on Hong Kong’s thrifting scene. Shoulder pads, frills, flower designs, flare pants, and wild prints are all the rage, with select items discovered personally by its owner.

Most of their fare is shipped exclusively from the U.S. and Canada, with popularity of the store growing in recent years for their unique experience to peep into the world of 1960s in the quaint ground-floor TST store.

Location: 47 Granville Rd, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon


A self-described luxury vintage clothing and accessories shop, Hipster9hk strays from its name selling uber-hip luxury bags, jackets, purses, and shoes from brands such as Hermes, Dior, Gucci, Moschino, Fendi, and Prada. Items are specifically sourced from Hong Kong and Asia region, garnering a cheaper price tag compared to today’s products.

Located in a non-descript office building in Chai Wan, the store is open from 1 PM to 5 PM daily so visits must be made timely. The store is conveniently located beside Chai Wan MTR.

Location: Unit 11/F, 2 Hong Man St, Hong Man Industrial Centre, Chai Wan, Hong Kong

小時光 XiaoShiGuang

Those in search of much more vintage clothing and a more retro thrifting experience must stop at XiaoShiGuang, an appointment-only early-1900s vintage store located in the alleyways of Sheung Wan.

A museum of the cornucopia of old Britain in the early 20th century, XiaoShiGuang acts as part-museum and part-vintage store for aficionados of gold jewelry, frilled skirts, ball outfits, and vintage handbags. Items are specifically selected by owner who splits her time between Hong Kong and the U.K.

Location: Room 103, Lam's Building, 6-10 Kau U Fong, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong

White Whale Company

Hidden in Mong Kok and dark and grungy on the inside, White Whale Company sells a variety of American-imported vintage clothing, leather goods, and accessories from 20th century blue collar industries. Customers can find Vietnam-era army apparel, 1930s European clothing, 1970s Hawaii t-shirts, French berets, and much more.

The store advocates against fast fashion, selling predominantly pre-owned items – a visit alone to look about is worth the trek into Mong Kok. Clothing is priced fairly and the owners take great care in the upkeep of their selection

Location: 2/F, 39 Yin Chong Street, Mong Kok, Kowloon


Borne out of a grocery store in Macau and a hawker sale vendor near the old Kai Tak airport, SevenKee has evolved into a revolutionary vintage shop in Hong Kong, emulating the feeling of walking into an old Camden or Brooklyn store in search of that one unique item.

Split between an autumny-mellow hues collection and a light bright spring series, SevenKee brings out fresh second-hand recycled clothing to match the trends and vintage styles of Hong Kong’s thrifting culture.

Location: G/F, 39 Lion Rock Rd, Kowloon City, Kowloon


HelloHippie caters to the vintage junkie inside every one of us, eager to emulate our early ‘90s teenage years wearing funky multicolored Adidas jackets, jean-styled everything, baggy trousers and skirts, and trends we forgot. Although on the pricier side of things, Hello Hippie is an excellent store for one-of-a-kind, modernized vintage items.

The store alone is just worth a visit to step into a world dominated by ‘90s gadgets, art, trinkets, and clothes. We highly recommend checking their Instagram page with weekly updates on discounts and events lined up.

Location: Flat A3, 1/F, Block A, Friends House, 6 Carnarvon Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon


Retrostone is your classic thrifting experience and vintage store. If you dig streetwear and oversized clothing, love ‘80s band tees and psychedelic tops, and oversized portswear, you’re in luck.

Selling a wide range of items from posters to overalls, vests to flannels, cowboy boots to ‘90s trainers, the store has been able to capture old west-coast Americana aesthetic. Their insane denim collection is just worth the visit to the store – you won’t leave disappointed.

Location: B04 & B23, Trendy Zone, Mong Kok, Kowloon

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