Agritech Startups That Empower Farmers in Thailand
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Agritech Startups That Offer Solutions in Reshaping Thailand’s Agriculture

Agritech Startups That Empower Farmers in Thailand

Farmers put in countless hours of labour to ensure that their family and everyone else in the world have enough food to eat every day.

There’s no denying that farming is strenuous and laborious. Despite all the hard work, the job of a farmer does not stop there. They still need to sow the seed, set up an irrigation plan, place the proper amount of fertiliser, protect the crops, and more.

To ease these problems, there are startup companies that alleviate these issues by integrating technology in agriculture. Similar to some government initiatives, these companies create innovative solutions to help improve the old system that hurts farmers.

Here are some agritech startups in Thailand that might help you raise your agricultural profits and introduce more insightful strategies.

Flylab Feed

Flylab is an innovative agritech startup in Thailand that specialises in the insect industry. Through bioconversion, they are able to transform agricultural wastes into food for plants and animals using black soldier fly larvae. 

The company plans to innovate the animal feed industry by introducing a more sustainable alternative that will be beneficial to a wider variety of animals, including poultry, cattle, and even domesticated pets. 

Discover Flylab Feed’s laboratory and products.


Freshket aims to become one of the most trusted and sustainable agritech startups in Thailand. Using their own developed technology, procedures, and software, they offer a complete food supply chain platform. They offer a one-stop shop of high-quality goods sourced from local farmers and manufacturers.

Their platform is designed to benefit the food supply ecosystem by facilitating more equitable pricing and greater transparency in the supply chain, from restaurants and hotels to customers and farmers. 

Location: Freshket, 1624/2 New Petchaburi Road, Makkasan, Ratchathewi, Bangkok


ListenField's mission is to use technology to improve the efficiency of agricultural operations in Thailand. They collect, process, and analyze multiple layers of data to provide essential information to agronomy professionals. This includes environmental data, crop health, and the phenotype and genotype of farmers' crops.

One of their products is the FarmAI Dashboard, which can be used to generate predictive analytics for boosting farming productivity from planting to harvesting. Other web-based solutions they employ are the FarmAI Mobile App for farmers, AgroAPI for accessing deep analytics, and Data-driven Breeding Platforms for breeders. 

Learn more about ListenField’s products and technologies.


Ricult aspires to create a world where smallholder farmers no longer have to worry about their finances by “democratising lending” for them. They developed an app for farmers that can monitor the weather (daily, weekly, and monthly), provide satellite imagery of the farm, and give expert advice to increase their productivity and profit. 

Know more about Ricult’s digital financial solution for farmers.

Eden Agritech

This agritech startup developed a novel approach to naturally extend the shelf life of fresh produce three times longer. Eden Agritech's edible coating solution is made from multiple natural compounds and fruit extracts that are safe to eat and certified by the FDA Thailand.

Technically, it adds an edible layer to fresh produce that serves as chemical-free protection, as it slows down the respiration rate and microbial growth to delay food spoilage. 

Location: Eden Agritech, 924, Block 28, B Building, Chula 7, Pathumwan District, Wangmai, Sub-district, Bangkok

Easy Rice

Using deep technology to inspect the characteristics of rice grains is what Easy Rice does. This agritech startup in Thailand employs cutting-edge technology to improve rice quality inspection, rice cultivar, purity inspection, and the data management system. They are a group of researchers and developers who brought artificial intelligence (AI) applications to the table to integrate technology and agriculture.

The Easy Rice M0 is an AI solution for rice quality inspection that analyses milled rice’s physical appearance, whether it’s chalky, yellow, red, paddy, glutinous, undermilled, or damaged. The Easy Rice MP is another AI solution for paddy varieties inspection that classifies dry paddy’s physical character like Hom Mali, Hom Pathum, and GK79 from other rice varieties. 

Learn more about Easy Rice’s AI grain inspection technology.

Location: Easy Rice, 928 Block 28, Floor 2, Room D201-D203 Soi Chula 7, Wangmai, Pathumwan, Bangkok

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