5 Fitness Influencers in KL You Need to Know and Follow
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Meet Kuala Lumpur's Diverse Fitness Influencers

Meet Kuala Lumpurs Diverse Fitness Influencers

Looking to break free from your monotonous workout routine and find fresh inspiration to energise your fitness journey? Look no further! Kuala Lumpur is a hotbed for fitness enthusiasts, featuring a diverse range of remarkable fitness influencers. 

By following them online, you can access exciting workout ideas, motivational tips, and expert guidance to add spice to your fitness journey.

Jordan Yeoh

Jordan Yeoh is a renowned fitness influencer who has made a significant impact on the global fitness community, extending beyond Malaysia. With his sculpted physique, charismatic persona, and unwavering dedication to promoting a healthy lifestyle, he has garnered a large following of fitness enthusiasts and aspiring athletes alike.

What sets Jordan apart is not only his intense and effective workout routines that yield remarkable results but also his ability to genuinely connect with his audience. By openly sharing his fitness journey and struggles, he has become relatable to individuals from all walks of life. Additionally, Jordan's ''Train with Jordan - Gym & Home'' app stands as a notable contribution to the fitness sphere, serving as his coaching tool, allowing users to benefit from his expertise and guidance, whether they prefer exercising at the gym or in the comfort of their own homes.

Yi Ping Teo

Yi Ping Teo, a former Flyproject instructor and co-founder of the emerging PWRHouse boutique fitness studio, embodies the essence of #fitnessgoals. Apart from teaching strength training and spinning classes at her studio, she actively shares valuable home fitness routines. Yet, her influence extends beyond physical fitness as she advocates for body acceptance and cherishing one's body, irrespective of its appearance, recognizing its instrumental role in overcoming any challenge.

Maggy Wang

Maggy Wang, a fitness trainer and coach at MOTIONLAB, a renowned TV presenter, and podcast host, is an ardent fitness enthusiast. Her podcast, "Head Over Heels," delves into the experiences of Asian women, offering a neutral space for candid conversations and exploration.


Kesavan, renowned as the "Online Fitness Coach," holds a significant presence on Instagram and wields considerable influence in the fitness industry. His massive following stems from his exceptional dedication to health and fitness, coupled with his adeptness at coaching individuals on their fitness journeys. 

Surprisingly, not widely known about Kesavan is that he had once been on the heavier side before embarking on his transformative fitness path. This unique perspective allows him to assist others effectively in achieving their fitness goals.

Nana al Haleq

No discussion of Malaysian fitness celebrities would be comprehensive without mentioning Nana Al Haleq. As a prominent wellness coach and Under Armour MY athlete, Nana has captivated the hearts of her followers, establishing herself as a fitness sensation on and off Instagram. Her unwavering work ethic and sculpted physique are evident, making her a true inspiration in the fitness realm.

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