What You Need to Know About Chung Yeung Festival 2023
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How to Celebrate the 2,000-Year-Old Chung Yeung Festival on Oct. 23

How to Celebrate the 2000 Year Old Chung Yeung Festival on Oct 23

Mark your calendars for Oct. 23, as Macau will celebrate one of its deeply rooted cultural events that’s been cherished for centuries. The Chung Yeung Festival, also known as the Double Ninth Festival, is a traditional holiday that offers a fascinating glimpse into the heritage of Macau. 

With its origins tracing back over 2,000 years, this celebration is centred around family reunions and paying tribute to ancestors, all on the ninth day of the ninth lunar month, a number associated with positivity and good fortune in Chinese culture.

Chung Yeung Festival

In Macau, there are simple and meaningful ways to partake in the festivities. Many families embark on hikes to scenic spots like Guia Hill to enjoy the stunning autumn views. This isn't just about exercise; it's a spiritual journey symbolising the drive to overcome challenges. Along the way, locals often enjoy special snacks like chrysanthemum cakes, which are a symbol of good luck.

Another common tradition is visiting the graves of ancestors, where families bring offerings like food, flowers, and incense to show their respect. It's a solemn yet heartwarming way to reconnect with one's roots.

As autumn leaves fall, the Chung Yeung Festival in Macau reminds us of the importance of family, tradition, and the enduring spirit of this city's culture. It's a day when the past and present seamlessly merge, showcasing Macau's rich heritage. So, whether you choose to climb to new heights or honour your ancestors, the Chung Yeung Festival in Macau promises a day filled with meaning and tradition that resonates throughout this vibrant city.

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