Fly Privately With These Helicopter Tours in the PH


Get a Bird’s-Eye View of the Philippines With These Helicopter Tours

Traveling privately by air is a luxury only a few of us can afford. Some would question whether or not it’s worth spending a huge amount if there’s a way to travel by land, while others would argue the convenience of not rushing to a commercial flight and having the trip all on your own. There are also some who simply want to experience it for a few minutes to see the sights they’ve always seen from a different perspective. Whether it’s for the experience or comfort, we’ve listed below some companies offering helicopter tours in the Philippines. Check them out!

Ascent Flights

Ascent is a Singapore-based start-up offering urban air mobility services in the Philippines, Thailand, Chile, and the United Arab Emirates. They boast state-of-the-art helicopters and best-in-class pilots so you can immerse yourself in panoramic skylines without worrying about safety.

If you’re looking for a chartered helicopter to explore Manila and nearby provinces, here are some of the tours they offer:

Manila From the Skies – This takes you on an aerial tour to see Manila Bay, Old Manila, EDSA, and Makati from a different perspective. Its flight duration is around an hour and 15 minutes, and it can accommodate up to three passengers. They also offer Manila sunset tours so you can enjoy the capital to the fullest.

Taal Volcano Discovery – Explore the scenic views of Taal Volcano and Taal Lake from above to appreciate nature even more. This Tagaytay escape can include a lunch stop at Antonio’s, one of Asia’s best fine dining restaurants, and a volcano tour by request before heading back to Manila.

Escape to The Farm at San Benito – Almost the same as the Tagaytay escape, this aerial tour includes a stop at The Farm at San Benito, one of the top eco-luxury medical wellness resorts in Asia, before flying back to Manila.

Boracay Helicopter Adventures

Boracay Adventures Inc. is a multi-awarded tour operator that specializes in different activities in Boracay, such as island-hopping, sea sports, spa, and more. Whether you’re a local or a tourist who just landed in Manila, you can get rid of the hassle of taking additional modes of transport to Boracay with their help. It will cost you around six figures (in pesos), but a two-hour helicopter transfer from Manila to your resort is going to be worth it if you’re after the fastest and most comfortable ride.

Once you’re there, you can book another helicopter to see the beach and nearby spots from above. Depending on your budget and how long you want your flight to be, you can choose from three tours: Boracay Helicopter VIP Tour (20 mins.), Boracay Helicopter Tour Adventure (15 mins.), or Boracay Helicopter Beach Tour (10 mins.).

For possible discounts, you can also book a helicopter tour around Boracay on Klook.

Philjets Group

The PhilJets Group is one of the most experienced leaders in the aviation industry, serving customers in the Philippines and other ASEAN countries. They’re one of the fastest-growing companies that provide helicopter charter flights that can drop you off at popular tourist destinations, such as The Farm at San Benito, Boracay, El Nido and Coron in Palawan, Banaue Rice Terraces, and Corregidor Island, as well as lunch destinations, such as Antonio’s, Sonya’s Garden, and Chateau Hestia Garden.

They also offer the following helicopter tours:

Mt. Pinatubo – This tour takes you to the boundaries of Zambales, Tarlac, and Pampanga to have a majestic view of an active volcano, its crater lake, and its surrounding areas. Flight time and rates depend on the number of passengers: three (one hour and 25 mins.) or five (one hour round trip).

Taal Volcano – See the crater of the world’s smallest active volcano in the world and the lake surrounding it through this aerial tour. Flight time and rates depend on the number of passengers: three (one hour round trip) or five (one hour).

Manila Bay – This weekday tour is for those who want a quick getaway from the hustle and bustle of the city. See skyscrapers from above and explore Manila Bay with your friends or loved ones! A sunset flight is also available if you want to witness the beauty of the orange-tinted sky.

Other Private Charter Operators

The list doesn’t end there. Here are other companies and operators you can check if you want a chartered helicopter flight in the Philippines. You’ll have to inquire directly, though, as their website and socials don’t specify their helicopter tours and rates. – Rates unavailable online due to pricing updates

Airgurus Ltd. Co. – Specializes in emergency air transport, but also offers helicopter tours according to their website

Sky Daddy PH – Call +63915 174 5203 or send an e-mail to [email protected] for inquiries about their rates

Helicopter Rentals PH – Call +63917 677 2323 or send an e-mail to [email protected] for inquiries about their rates

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