What Can You Buy in Nitori Mitsukoshi BGC for Less Than P500
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Grab Your Wallet! Here’s What You Can Buy in Nitori for P100, P300, or P500

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Nitori, a Japanese furniture retail brand, finally launched their first store in the Philippines last month. Inside Mitsukoshi Mall, Nitori can be found on the mall’s 3rd floor, reachable through an exclusive escalator. Wondering whether it’s worth the visit?

The Beat Asia lists down some interesting things you can buy under P100, P300, or P500.

P100 or Less

Aside from furniture, Nitori can provide anything you could probably need for your home – dining sets, ceramic, kitchen tools, pillows, storage boxes, and so much more! Here are some interesting items that would barely dent your wallet:

Small Stoneware Sauce Dishes (P59 to P99)
Nitori Philippines

These tiny dishware items may be small, but they have some weight to them. Perfect for dipping sauces and tiny side dishes like atchara or bagoong, these items are a perfect addition to your dining set rotation.

Kitchen Drawer Organizer (P49 to P99)
Nitori Philippines

Anybody just as frustrated when you open kitchen drawers and it’s just a mess of rubber bands, restaurant flyers, tape, paper clips, chopsticks, and that out-of-place souvenir shot glass with your cousin’s wedding monogram? That was ultra-specific, but you catch our drift. Well, these organizers are now here to help you Marie Kondo your drawers and organize all that clutter.

Mini Measuring Cup (P79)
Nitori Philippines

This tiny 70 mL measuring cup is undoubtedly adorable. But it also serves as a replacement for measuring spoons – instead of rifling through that ring with multiple spoons, you get to use this!

Placemats (P99 per piece)
Nitori Philippines

With a range of colors, these placemats would easily liven up your dining table. Plus, their subtle aesthetic would ensure that they could seamlessly pair with any dishware.

Wooden Cutlery (P79 to P99)
Nitori Philippines

For less than a hundred, you can grab a teaspoon, dessert spoon, soup spoon, or a wooden dessert fork. Made out of beech wood, these cute cutleries are perfect for everyday use. However, make sure not to soak them in water for a long time or leave them moist since they could grow mold.

Hand or Face Towel (P59 or P99)
Nitori Philippines

These cotton towels in pastel colors are antibacterial and odorless, what else can you ask for? When washing these, either hand wash or use a laundry net.

Jacket or Skirt Hanger (P99)
Nitori Philippines

Made out of steel and lotus wood, these hangers come in either black or white. Aesthetically pleasing and useful, grab several before they run out!

P300 or Less

Scented Candles (P219, P249, or P299)
Nitori Philippines

Imagine walking into a room and smelling fresh flowers, or how about the ocean? Perhaps ylang-ylang or bamboo jasmine? Nitori’s got a bunch of scented candles under P300 that could freshen up your home in a jiffy!

Woven Baskets (P199 or P299)
Nitori Philippines

While not made from natural weaving materials, these baskets still evoke a tropical aesthetic. Either quarter, half, vertical half, or regular-sized, these woven storage baskets as perfect for organizing your bathroom towels, pantry items, or stationery materials.

Porcelain, Wooden, or Plastic Bowls (P129 to P299)
Nitori Philippines

Perfect for ramen noodles, rice bowl meals, or soups, it’s impossible not to grab a bowl or two (or maybe six, just to complete a set?) Made out of various materials, you can easily choose which would work best for your home.

Indoor Bedroom or Bathroom Slippers (P149 to P299)
Nitori Philippines

Nitori’s bathroom slippers are made out of thick rubber with an anti-slip texture for your soles. While their bedroom slippers are soft with mesh and foam padding.

Door Mats (P249)
Nitori Philippines

There may have been other designs, but naturally, we just gravitated toward the cute cats and corgis – and we do not regret spending our hard-earned adult money on these. Large and roughly textured, these mats are ideal for your home entrance, but they may leave marks on certain types of flooring.

P500 or Less

Pet Cooling Pad (P349 or P449)
Nitori Philippines

Perfect for this sweltering summer season, Nitori’s N Cool Technology helps you feel fresh despite the heat. There are different levels: Cool (cooling fabric only and antibacterial) or Super Cool and Double Super Cool (cooling fabric and fill ensures lasting cool, plus humidity control and odor-blocking). There are N Cool mattress toppers, blankets, pillow covers, and duvet covers. But we can’t forget our furbabies! These N Cool Pet Pads (there is also a pad with a corner pillow or a round bed) will surely help your pets feel better – they get hot too!

N Cool Plushies (P449 or P499)
Nitori Philippines

There’s something for our little ones too! These cute dinosaur, strawberry, or rainbow-shaped pillows provide the same cooling technology but they look more fun so your children will have no problem cuddling with these all night.

Non-Stick Pans (369 or P499)
Nitori Philippines

While there are bigger pans available, there are three options that are worth under P500. But if you’ve always wanted to make tamagoyaki then this is good news! The tamagoyaki rectangle pan (13x18 cm) and circular frying pans (20 or 24 cm) are great, cheap purchases for your kitchen.

Some Notes and Tips

Nitori Philippines

Before you go rushing to Mitsukoshi, here are some details that could help you plan your Nitori shopping spree:

While the place occupies a large floor on its own, it is quite densely packed. Spaces can be tight so it’s best to plan your purchases ahead of time by checking out their website (or save this list!) By having a couple of target purchases in mind, you can keep moving without feeling overwhelmed by the wide selection of items.

Also, since it’s gained such popularity, expect that you will fall in line. As mentioned, Nitori has its own set of escalators that essentially function as its entrance/exit. For now, these are guarded because they want to limit the crowd upstairs. But the line doesn’t take that long so don’t fret.

Lastly, while most items are self-explanatory, some curious items will have you wondering for a sec or two. One quick tip would be to pull out your phone and use the translation tool of Google Lens to read the product description. It’s not going to be a smooth Japanese translation, but the keywords are good enough for you to determine the item’s purpose.

Check out their website and Instagram for more details and updates.

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