25-Square-Meter Contemporary Studio Unit in Makati City
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City Condos: A 25sqm Hotel-Like Studio Unit in Makati

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It's a common misconception that living in a condo comes with limitations. Many people believe you can't have the space you want or do the things you love because of the limited floor area. However, in our City Condos series, we're here to prove there’s so much you can do in a condo unit. We'll showcase condos that offer creative solutions and inspiring interiors, proving that you can always achieve a home that supports your lifestyle and reflects your personality, regardless of size. So, get ready to be inspired and discover the endless possibilities of condo living.

Condo Overview:

Size: 25 square meters

Interior designer: Idr. Jeselyn Chuan (jeselynchuan.contactin.bio | [email protected])

Style: Contemporary with Neutral Colors, ideal for short-term stays

Location: West Makati, near the Makati Central Business District

It's no longer surprising to discover that Filipino families residing abroad are investing in properties in the Philippines. While some opt to construct vacation homes in their hometowns, others choose the practicality of purchasing a condominium in the city.

The latter option proves to be a sensible choice. Not only can they skip the hassle of booking hotel rooms whenever they visit, but they also have the option of renting it out or accommodating visiting relatives. This very vision guided the owners of this 25-square-meter condo unit when they acquired the space. Since they are based overseas, the unit will be used for short-term stays.

Studio Unit in Makati
Photo by Inner Space Photo

Working her magic, interior designer Jeselyn Chuan infused the space with a contemporary aesthetic with a neutral color palette, ensuring that both the owners and their relatives would find the ambiance pleasing and inviting. The result is a space reminiscent of a luxurious hotel suite, complete with all the essential areas for a comfortable and enjoyable stay.

The Space:

Living/Dining/Storage Areas

Living, Dining, and Storage Areas in Studio Unit
Photo by Inner Space Photo

As you step into the studio unit, you'll be greeted by a simple yet functional living area that seamlessly transforms into a dining space when needed. Across from the sofa bed, a wall-to-wall modular system with full-length mirrors on the closet doors serves as a storage center. This clever setup allows guests to keep their luggage, extra pillows, shoes, and other belongings neatly organized.

Living, Dining, and Storage Areas in Studio Unit
Photo by Inner Space Photo

To enhance versatility, a folding side table is added, effortlessly converting the living area into a cozy dining nook. The owners particularly love the flexibility of the revamped unit. 

The sofa bed easily transforms into a queen-sized bed, comfortably accommodating two adults and enabling the owners to host relatives or friends.

Sofa Bed Inside Studio Unit
Photo by Inner Space Photo

Mini Bar Area

During the design phase, the owners had a significant say in determining which areas were necessary and which could be omitted. As this is not their primary residence, they opted to remove the kitchen and laundry allocation, relying on dining out and laundry services instead.

Faux Kitchen in Studio Unit
Photo by Inner Space Photo

The mini bar area serves as a convenient space to display drinks, condiments, and prepare refreshments. It also provides a spot to reheat food when needed.


Divider in Studio Unit
Photo by Inner Space Photo

A striking fluted glass divider separates the living/dining/storage areas from the main sleeping area. The designer chose fluted glass to allow ample light to flow through while casting a translucent shadow, adding an elegant touch to the space.

Responding to the owners' request for a large TV, the designer installed a storage unit beneath it, cleverly concealing supplies and TV wiring.

Vanity Area/Work Desk

Vanity Area in Studio Unit
Photo by Inner Space Photo

The vanity area doubles as a functional work desk, providing a designated spot for the owners to use their laptops. The designer opted for a marble countertop, known for its easy maintenance against dirt, liquids, and spills.

Main Sleeping Area

Main Sleeping Area in Studio
Photo by Inner Space Photo

The king-sized bed offers a comfortable sleeping space for two people. Notice how the touch of green breathes life into the area and complements the neutral colors? By opting for a neutral base, the owners can easily revitalize the unit by using vibrant sheets and pillow covers.

Studio Unit Sleeping Area
Photo by Inner Space Photo

Above the padded headboard, a bronze mirror was installed, creating an illusion of a larger space. Rather than a typical mirror, the choice of bronze adds a cozy and inviting atmosphere to the room.

From the Designer:

“Modular cabinetry allows homeowners to fully maximize the limited space to meet their storage needs. No space is wasted, and they can hide awkward columns or beams by transforming them into seamless and functional units. It also helps with cleaning and decluttering since their belongings can be stored in proper places, minimizing areas where dust can accumulate, and pests can find shelter.”

Photos by Inner Space Photo

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