Cities and Municipalities Competitive Index Rankings 2020


How Well Did Your City Strive in 2020? City and Municipality Ranking Index Recap

The city and municipality ranking index constitutes annual urban performance and local governance. It aims to inform and influence the public to assess their place as the modern age continues to revolutionize the world.

Developed by the National Competitiveness Council through the Regional Competitiveness Committees (RCCs) with the assistance of the United States Agency for International Development, the Cities and Municipalities Competitive Index Rankings for 2022 was recently released.


In case any of you are wondering how the committees calculated and ranked each city and municipality, they follow a certain methodology.

The scores are based on four components namely economic dynamism, government efficiency, infrastructure, and resiliency. On the other hand, provincial areas are evaluated based on population and income weighted average of the overall scores of cities/municipalities under respective provincial areas. To know the overall computing process, read here.


As mentioned above, there are four pillars or guidelines used by the government to determine the index framework. Let’s take a look at the significance of each factor to the ranking.

Economic Dynamism

This pillar is incorporated to businesses and industrial activities, involving higher employment. It is used to measure a city or municipality’s economic productivity as well as the expansion of entrepreneurship and financial institutions in the local setting.

Government Efficiency

This ranking index indicator highlights the quality and reliability of services and support from the city/municipality's local government.

This can be used to assess possible corruption, contract enforcement, reasonable taxation, and proactive regulation. It encompasses health services, educational institutions, security, investment promotions, social protection, and more.


As the name implies, this indicator refers to the provision of physical buildings including transportation, roads, and communication.

With the aim to "connect, expand, and sustain," this pillar represents the sustainable productivity of a local area in terms of disaster preparedness, conservation of natural resources, and production of basic inputs.


This pillar is critical in the city and municipality index ranking as it involves organization and coordination during socio-economic shocks and stresses. It measures the competitiveness of the district’s disaster risk reduction plan, annual disaster drill, emergency infrastructure, sanitary system, and other relevant facilities.

Overall Results

Here are the awardees for the Cities and Municipalities Competitive Index Rankings 2020:

  • Hall of Fame Awardee (with a perfect score of 100/100): Quezon City
  • Most Competitive Highly Urbanized Cities: Manila (65.98), Davao City (60.04), Pasay (58.65)
  • Most Competitive Component Cities: Antipolo City (60.7), Legazpi City (60.61), Tagum City (59.21)
  • Most Competitive Provinces: Rizal (51.53), Davao Del Norte (50.39), Camiguin (47.86)
  • Most Competitive 1st to 2nd Class Municipalities: Cainta (55.03), Taytay (51.06), Baliwag (51.03)
  • Most Competitive 3rd to 4th Class Municipalities: Mambajao, Camiguin (50.85), San Remigio, Cebu (47.05), Baler, Aurora (46.62)
  • Most Competitive 5th to 6th Class Municipalities: Roxas Zamboanga Del Norte (49.36), Tagana-an, Surigao Del Norte (45.11), Mahinog, Camiguin (49.36)
City and Municipality Ranking Index 2020

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