Dulux Unveils Colour of the Year 2024: ‘Sweet Embrace’
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Dulux Names 'Sweet Embrace' Soft Pink as Colour of the Year 2024

Header Dulux Names Sweet Embrace Soft Pink as Colour of the Year 2024 Photo by Website/Dulux

Paint brand Dulux has cast an artistic eye into the future and emerged with a vision of delicate, soft pink as the Colour of the Year for 2024 – aptly named ‘Sweet Embrace.’ The choice speaks to the evolving palette of emotions and design preferences of the times.

To assist both designers and homeowners in designing their spaces using Sweet Embrace, Dulux has crafted a bespoke accompanying Specifier Brochure. This guide shows an array of mood boards, each serving as a source of inspiration for incorporating this gentle shade of pink.

Within these mood boards, Sweet Embrace plays a central role as the key colour, accompanied by complementary shades that harmonize for a calm and earthy effect.

The first mood board, Warm, weaves earthy tones together to create cozy, inviting atmospheres perfect for bedrooms, living rooms, and kitchens. The intention here is to embrace the warmth and comfort that these spaces can offer.

The second palette, Calm, draws from soothing blues and greens, tailored for crafting tranquil havens ideal for home offices and bathrooms. Lastly, Uplifting, the third palette, combines cheerful yellows and serene lilacs to foster an environment that exudes positivity and uplifts spirits.

For those eager to preview how Sweet Embrace would look on their existing spaces, the Dulux Visualizer app offers a digital canvas. This tool lets you experiment with this soft pink hue to visualize how it might breathe new life into your home.

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