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Harness Positive Energy in Your Space with These Feng Shui Masters in Singapore

Harness Positive Energy in Your Space with These Feng Shui Masters in Singapore

Have you ever walked into a home and noticed some gold coins, fish tanks, and bamboo or metal chimes around? Well, these fixtures weren't installed by random design.

Feng shui, which literally translates to "wind and water," is the study of man's place in the world, taking from disciplines like astrology, geography, ecology, psychology, architecture, and aesthetics, according to Singapore Infopedia, the National Library Board's electronic encyclopedia on the city-state.

Singapore has a vast and dynamic community of master feng shui practitioners, also known as geomancers, who offer a broad range of professional services, from bazi analysis, date selections, residential and commercial property consultations, and luck enhancement, among others.

These feng shui masters can sense positive or negative influences of a space , and can correct its negative energy and improve on its positive influences, added Singapore Infopedia. Hence, the presence of gold coins and chimes in some houses. Some feng shui believers also move around their furniture or make structural changes in their property to get rid of bad feng shui.

If you are thinking of moving into a new home or office space, need help in choosing an auspicious date for a wedding or a Caesarean birth, or want to understand your own destiny, then we suggest turning to these feng shui masters in Singapore for their expertise.

Adelina Pang

Adelina Pang Feng Shui Masters in Singapore

Adelina Pang is one of the most sought-after masters in feng shui and Chinese astrology in Singapore, having had her start in the field since 1995. Pang specializes in feng shui for business, with her clientele including entrepreneurs, professionals, celebrities, and even royalty in the city-state. She offers consultations on feng shui for the home and workplace, as well as feng shui audits of property abroad to ensure you can harness your space's positive chi wherever you may be.


Kevin Foong

Kevin Foong is an award-winning feng shui master and bazi consultant in Singapore. Fluent in both English and Mandarin, he has delivered keynote addresses on feng shui and astrology to over 18 countries and more than one million people. He offers a broad range of consultation services, from bazi consultation, feng shui for home and commercial property, adult and baby name selection, Caesarean birth selection, and prosperity live burial.


Sherwin Tng

Sherwin Tng made the switch from being an engineer to a feng shui master when he first became a dad. Wanting the best for his child, Tng wanted to give his child an auspicious name and became intrigued by a feng shui expertmaster's mastery of his craft. A renowned international geomancer, Tng is revered for his straightforward and scientific analyses that blend traditional and contemporary approaches and do not veer too much on the esoteric and superstitious. Apart from offering consultations on residential and commercial feng shui, he also performs bazi luck analysis, and auspicious name and date selections.


Ken Koh

Feng shui master Ken Koh combines practicality with his feng shui audits and has been practicing in the field since 1997. The sexagenarian is the principal consultant of the House of Feng Shui in Singapore, earning his "master" title from the International Feng Shui Association in November 2011. Apart from residential and commercial feng shui consultations and bazi and date analysis, Koh also performs speaker engagements to deliver presentations on feng shui for the public.


David Tong

Last on our list is David Tong, founder and principal consultant of the Chinese Metaphysics Global (CMG) Consulting. Tong started his consultancy in 2006 and has attracted much media attention since then. He is considered as one of the youngest feng shui masters in the city-state, and a renowned expert in Chinese metaphysics. His services include feng shui consultations for residential and commercial properties, bazi destiny analysis, date selections, and luck enhancement using the San Yuan Qi Men Dun Jia, a Chinese metaphysics technique. CMG Consulting also offers a variety of feng shui wedding packages for couples at an affordable rate!


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