Legion Go: Lenovo’s Answer to Handheld PC Gaming
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Lenovo’s Legion Go: A New Challenger in the Handheld Gaming Arena?

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Lenovos Legion Go A New Challenger in the Handheld Gaming Arena Header Photo by Website/Windows Report

Lenovo is reportedly entering the handheld gaming PC market with the rumoured Legion Go, as reported by Windows Central.

The first glimpses of the device, published by Windows Report, suggest that it bears a notable resemblance to existing devices such as the Steam Deck and Asus ROG Ally, with a hint of elements from the Nintendo Switch.

Lenovo’s Legion Go: A New Challenger in the Handheld Gaming Arena?
Website/ Windows Report

The Legion Go seems to borrow features from these popular devices. It sports an eight-inch screen, detachable joy-con-like controllers, and a robust kickstand for tabletop gaming, mirroring the versatility of the Nintendo Switch. The device’s controllers blend the removability of Switch’s Joy-Cons and the ergonomic grips of the Steam Deck.

Interestingly, the Legion Go appears to have a touch pad on the right controller, diverging from the Steam Deck’s dual touchpads. The right controller also purportedly features a wheel, adding another layer of interactivity. Given the detachable nature of the controllers, it’s speculated that the device’s screen may be a touchscreen.

One notable characteristic of the Legion Go is its thickness, a design choice that could indicate a substantial battery. This approach contrasts with Asus’ ROG Ally, a thinner device with mediocre battery life.

The Legion Go, according to Windows Report, will run on Windows 11, leveraging AMB Pheonix processors. This suggests compatibility with any Windows games that match the device’s specs. However, Lenovo has yet to comment on these rumours.

Lenovo has previously dabbled in handheld gaming with concepts like “LaVie Mini” and the yet-to-be-released Android release Android device, the Legion Play. If the Legion Go is indeed real, it could significantly shake up the handheld gaming market.

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