Intel’s ‘Siliconomy’: The Future of Tech Interconnectivity

Siliconomy: Intel’s Vision for the Interconnected Future of Technology

Intel is holding its Intel Innovation 2023 from Sept. 19 to 20, with a unique concept taking centre stage – “Siliconomy.” The term, coined by Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger, represents the enduring interconnectivity between technology and everyday life and the mutual impact they have on each other.

Siliconomy, as described by Gelsinger, is the structure of life in a new era where computing is the bedrock of opportunities for everyone. It’s an evolving economy empowered by semiconductors, essential for maintaining and enabling modern economies. More than a mere buzzword, Siliconomy frames a sustainable approach to how individuals live and corporations operate.

With the advent of Artificial Intelligence (AI), technology has become an integral part of society, enabling us to access vast information and become self-reliant. Companies like Microsoft are emphasising AI, which allows us to explore creative domains swiftly.

Gelsinger highlights five key developments that underpin Siliconomy:

  1. Compute – The ubiquity of computers shapes our perception and experience of the world.
  2. Connectivity – Everything and everyone is interconnected.
  3. Infrastructure – Technology paces a dynamic reliable path for data storage and connected computing.
  4. Sensing – Low-cost, high-resolution sensors generate massive amounts of data from smart devices at the edge.
  5. AI – The tool that transforms infinite data into actionable insights.

These pillars collectively build the structure of Siliconomy, and in Gelsinger’s words, envision a future where technology leverages infinite potential with minimal and sustainable resources.

However, this also points to a future where technology dependency is a problem, highlighting our vulnerability to changes such as climate crises and other global issues.

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