Soule Socks Launches in Hong Kong with Funky Bamboo Socks


Soule Socks Launches in Hong Kong Funky Designed Socks Made out of Bamboo

New fashion start-up Soule Socks has launched a new ethical e-commerce brand that sells expressive socks made from bamboo fibres.

New to Hong Kong with funky colours, styles, and patterns, Soule Socks offer an elevated and classy feel to their funky socks by calling on different stylistic art features to create their socks.

Soule Socks use breathable bamboo, which is a fast-growing plant that requires less water and fewer pesticides, making it a sustainable alternative to traditional textiles. The start-up keeps sustainability at the heart of their business decision-making, ensuring that our planet doesn’t suffer at the expense of our comfort. 

Soule Socks Launches in Hong Kong Funky Designed Socks Made out of Bamboo

All products shipped to Hong Kong and abroad are currently using compostable shipping sleeves and reusable tin boxes to reduce the carbon footprint in their supply chain.

With sustainability central to the business in environmental and business aspects, Soule Socks wants to break the “profit-maximise at all costs" norm in Hong Kong and encourage companies to look after their workers.

They engage in Collaborative Ownership practices, removing hierarchies and allowing their artists to have a direct say in decision-making. Soule artists receive 50% of all profits from the collections they create, in perpetuity.

Check out Soule Socks’ collection of ethical and expressive designs here.

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