Regent Hong Kong Unveils Private Sanctuary Regent Club

Private Sanctuary Regent Club Opens in Regent Hong Kong Hotel

From the moment you alight from the elevator, the newly opened Regent Club at the Regent Hong Kong promises an experience like no other. Your first sight? A stunning moongate entrance, reflecting the idyllic setting beyond, with Victoria Harbour unfurling in all its majestic glory.

Designed meticulously by Chi Wing Lo, the Regent Club transports you to a space reminiscent of a private castle, cocooned in a warm embrace of serenity and luxury. Whether it's the rejuvenating aromas, the delicate tastes, or the plush interiors, each element is thoughtfully curated to deliver moments of pure decadence.

Indulge in bespoke culinary journeys, from curated Japanese, Chinese, and healthy breakfast menus to the decadent afternoon tea sessions reminiscent of true Hong Kong flair. As dusk embraces the city, the Regent Club morphs into a haven for the epicurean at heart. Sip on the two-month-aged Negroni from the barrel, or relish Asian-inspired delicacies, setting the tone for an evening of opulence.

Every guest's journey is accentuated with elevated connections. The Regent Club Experience Agent ensures a seamless integration of the city's pulse into your stay. From personalised check-ins to crafting moments that become cherished memories, they ensure you feel uplifted throughout.

To elevate your stay with this special Regent Club access, reserve your spot on Regent Hong Kong’s website.

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