Mott 32 Hong Kong Undergoes First Renewal in Nine Years


Joyce Wang Studio Revamps Mott 32 Hong Kong Since Opening in 2014

Mott 32 Hong Kong has undergone a stunning revamp for the first time in nine years, strengthening their relationship with award-winning interior designer, Joyce Wang Studio.

The updated design brings new life to the restaurant, reflecting the city's changing times while maintaining the brand's signature blend of Chinese and Western elements.

Brand new design elements and décor transform the main dining area and bar to exude opulence and gravitas, while the five private dining rooms offer distinct themes and narratives to showcase the restaurant's authenticity and innovation.

Joyce Wang Studio Revamps Mott 32 Hong Kong Since Opening in 2014 1

"The new elements at Mott 32 Hong Kong showcase our commitment to the original location after a demanding few years. Our design ethos of blending a lofty New York industrial style with Hong Kong opulence remains the same and continues to be seen across our new openings worldwide” said Xuan Mu, Co-founder and Group Managing Director at Maximal Concepts.

The signature staircase, which was once a storage unit for wealthy Chinese families, leads to the main dining room, now adorned with antique chandeliers, new lanterns, and unique seating experiences.

Joyce Wang Studio Revamps Mott 32 Hong Kong Since Opening in 2014 2

The upgraded bar features new latticework and a stone veneer to open up the space, creating the perfect spot for innovative cocktails and catch-ups. In addition, the five private and semi-private dining rooms offer intimate gathering spaces, each with a different theme – such as the ‘Calligraphy room’ decorated with over 2,000 wall-mounted Chinese calligraphy brushes.

As the design-master behind Mott 32 Hong Kong, Joyce Wang has personally composed the interiors for five of Mott 32’s international locations. Blending luxury, splendour, and the elegance of a modern Chinese city with elements local to each location, Joyce Wang has successfully weaved local history with Chinese culture into each space.

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