Toy Brand Pop Mart Opens First Store in Kuala Lumpur
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International Toy Brand Pop Mart Opens First Store in Kuala Lumpur

Pop Mart Malaysia Photo by Facebook/Pop Mart Malaysia

Pop culture nerds are in for a treat as well-known entertainment company, Pop Mart, has recently opened its first store in Malaysia.

Located on the fifth floor of Pavillion Mall, the newly minted shop offers a wide array of merchandise, including DIMOO Mango Jelly, Labubu Shepherd Limited Edition 100%, SKULLPANDA Dark Maid Limited Edition 100%, and other famous collectibles.

With colour-changing light displays and visually appealing interiors, Pop Mart Malaysia is designed to attract young adults and millennials who have a passion for toy collecting.

“The opening of the Malaysian store means our business expansion in Southeast Asia has entered a new era. Malaysia has huge potential as a major market for us after Singapore,” Pop Mart President John Moon said.

“We can leverage on what we have done in Singapore to build things up in Malaysia, with the possibility of future expansion into other neighbouring countries,” he added.

Established in 2010, Pop Mart is a popular entertainment brand from China that focuses on the production of toy sets called “blind boxes.” These packages contain various toy parts that are concealed, adding an element of surprise for toy collectors.

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