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A Modern Tropical 24sqm Condo in Mandaluyong

City Condos: A Modern Tropical 24sqm Condo in Mandaluyong

To complete the modern tropical look of this condo home, the designers worked with a calming color scheme featuring gray, beige, wood, and Aegean teal.
A Bright and Airy 31sqm Condo in Quezon City

City Condos: A Bright and Airy 31sqm Condo in Quezon City

To fulfill the client’s request of having a hotel-like yet homey condo, the interior designer transformed the space into a modern tropical haven in the city.
A gamers modern condo home

City Condos: A 24sqm Gamer’s Modern Condo Home in Mandaluyong

How do you make the most of a compact space? Space-saving solutions and using multipurpose furniture helped transform this unit into a gamer’s paradise.
140sqm Family Condo

City Condos: A 140sqm Contemporary, Family-Friendly Condo in Manila

The design exudes a contemporary feel, featuring clean lines, warm neutrals, complemented by the richness of wood and stone accents. Click to see photos.
Urbanite City Condos 19sqm Modern Luxe Condo

City Condos: A 19sqm Modern-Luxe Condo in Quezon City

Featuring a modern-luxe aesthetic that emphasizes gray tones and walnut wood laminates, the space feels welcoming despite its size. Click to see the photos.
Ubanite Hotel Like Studio Unit Header

City Condos: A 25sqm Hotel-Like Studio Unit in Makati

Reminiscent of a luxurious hotel suite, this condo home features a neutral color palette and areas that ensure a comfortable stay. Click here to see the photos.
A Bali Inspired Condo Home for a Family of 3

City Condos: A Tropical-Inspired Weekend Home for a Family of Three

Interior designer Jackson Cue drew inspiration from villas in Bali to create a relaxing haven where the owners can unwind and savor the serenity of Rizal.
A Couples Contemporary Tropical 1 BR Condo

City Condos: A Couple’s Contemporary Tropical 62-SQM Home

This condo embodies simplicity with a touch of warmth, enriched by tropical-inspired details that infuse character into the space. Click to see the photos.