This 24sqm Modern Condo in Mandaluyong Is a Gamer's Paradise

City Condos: A 24sqm Gamer’s Modern Condo Home in Mandaluyong

It's a common misconception that living in a condo comes with limitations. Many people believe you can't have the space you want or do the things you love because of the limited floor area. However, in our City Condos series, we're here to prove there’s so much you can do in a condo unit. We'll showcase condos that offer creative solutions and inspiring interiors, proving that you can always achieve a home that supports your lifestyle and reflects your personality, regardless of size. So, get ready to be inspired and discover the endless possibilities of condo living.

Condo Overview:

Size: 24 square meters

Interior designers: Idr. Angelo Aguilar, PIID (ACGA Designs | [email protected]) and Idr. Rolando Batingan Jr.

Style: Urban Style that combines contemporary, modern, and industrial touches

Location: Mandaluyong

In turning this 24-square-meter unit into a functional gamer’s lair, interior designers Angelo Aguilar and Rolando Batingan Jr. drew inspiration from the owner’s love for games and anime. After all, the home represents the owner — their passions, personality, and lifestyle.

Originally a one-bedroom unit, the owner decided to remove the partition to maximize space and achieve an open layout. The designers expertly defined each area with multipurpose furniture and were even able to allot enough space to display the owner’s collection.

As the unit has a gray and black color scheme, incorporating wood and well-placed lighting kept it from looking cramped. The best part? It’s a smart condo home! The owner can easily control his lights and appliances via voice command or through his mobile phone or tablet.

The Space:


The original kitchen cabinets were retained the designers added wire baskets inside to make it more functional as well as store plates, cutlery, and cooking pans. Additional lights were installed above the sink for easier meal preparation. To tie it with the theme, black subway tiles were chosen as a backsplash.

Gamer's Condo kitchen
Photo by Idr. Rolando Batingan Jr.

Storage (Entryway)

A wall-mounted IKEA shoe cabinet defines a corner of the unit and helps save space. Installing this near the main door makes it easier for the owner to store and organize his shoes.

Gamer's Condo entryway
Photo by Idr. Rolando Batingan Jr.

Living Area

Defining the living area are the sofa bed, stackable stools, and a floor pouf that functions as a coffee table. They opted for a sofa bed so that the owner can create an extra sleeping space when needed.

Gamer's Condo living area
Photo by Idr. Rolando Batingan Jr.

The focal point of the unit is the owner’s collection of toys and vintage game consoles. Opting for a full-height display cabinet with mirror panel backing allows the owner to admire his prized possessions from different angles.

The designers added RGB LED strip lights and tri-color display lights so the owner can easily set the mood of the unit according to his liking.

Gamer's Condo living area game display cabinet
Photo by Idr. Rolando Batingan Jr.

Dining Area

A few steps from the living area and display cabinet is the flexible dining space. Taking inspiration from Japanese dining setups, the dining nook features two Japanese-style floor chairs with a backrest and a folding dining table that has niches where comic books and small toy figures can be displayed.

Gamer's Condo dining area
Photo by Idr. Rolando Batingan Jr.

Lounge Area

The dining area can be transformed into a lounge area when the table is not in use. Aside from the dining chairs, the owner can add bean bags as extra seating.

Gamer's Condo
Photo by Idr. Rolando Batingan Jr.

Work Area (Sleeping Loft)

A loft defines the sleeping/work area. The steps leading to the bed moonlight as shelves where the owner can display more of his collection or favorite shoes.

Gamer's Condo sleeping loft stairs drawers
Photo by Idr. Rolando Batingan Jr.

Work Area

Under the bed is a work and gaming desk with storage and a customized wardrobe cabinet with a sliding door. Notice the “clouds” above the computer? According to the designers, these were created as a DIY project by the owner using fire-retardant fiber fill and RGB LED strip lights.

Gamer's Condo work area
Photo by Idr. Rolando Batingan Jr.

Sleeping Area

The sleeping area features mood lighting, a wall-mounted ledge table, a separate Smart TV, and an air cooler. This setup allows the owner to comfortably watch a movie without having to step down to the living space.

Gamer's Condo sleeping area
Photo by Idr. Rolando Batingan Jr.
Gamer's Condo sleeping area
Photo by Idr. Rolando Batingan Jr.

From the designers:

If you're a game collector looking to renovate your space, remember that you don’t need to showcase your entire collection if space is limited. Choose your favorite items for display to avoid a cluttered look. In compact spaces, opt for a full glass cabinet with mirror backing and lights instead of a wood and glass cabinet. This choice is easier on the eyes and can help make your home look more spacious.

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