What to Know: A Guide to Getting Vasectomy in Thailand
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Snip, Snip! A Helpful Guide to Getting a Vasectomy in Thailand

Vasectomy guide

Women have always been burdened with the responsibility of preventing unwanted pregnancies: birth control pills, contraceptive patches or injections, IUDs — you name it. Now is the time to shift the burden, or rather, share in the responsibility and promote the vasectomy.

Back in the late 19th century, the first human vasectomy was performed, not for sterilisation purposes, but rather to “bring atrophy of the prostate,” according to a study published by PubMed.

Vasectomy is known as one of the most effective and safest birth control methods for men because it blocks sperm from entering a man’s semen. Today, vasectomy can be done within 20 minutes from start to finish using local anaesthesia, and it is minimally invasive with a low risk of complications.

In Thailand, vasectomy was first practiced in 1974 upon the launch of the Lampang Project led by the Ministry of Public Health. Three years later, in October 1977, the rural Mobile Vasectomy Clinic began its operation, with optimistic results of more than 800 men who opted to undergo a vasectomy.

Anyone can undergo a vasectomy if you’re of legal age. However, it is important that you are fully committed to your decision. Although there is reversal surgery available, it is more complex than the initial procedure. While it offers the potential for a restored sperm pathway, there's no absolute guarantee of success.

In case you or your partner are considering this procedure, here’s a helpful guide about important things to know when getting a vasectomy in Thailand.

Vasectomy Hospitals in Thailand

He Clinic Bangkok

Regarded as Thailand’s first men’s health and lifestyle clinic, He Clinic offers no-scalpel vasectomy services for those seeking a quicker and less invasive option. This modern approach is also called keyhole vasectomy, which employs “a simple insertion in the scrotum” to achieve the same results. Hence, expect smaller incisions and fewer stitches after the procedure. For inquiries, click here.

Yanhee International Hospital

A multi-service general hospital located at Bang Phlat, Yanhee International Hospital specialises in plastic surgery and other cosmetic services. It is known for high-quality healthcare offering less invasive procedures such as vasectomy and vasectomy reversal. To learn more about its services and schedule an appointment, visit this link.

Bangkok Hospital Samui

Internationally accredited facility Bangkok Hospital Samui was established in 2004 and is known for its dedicated international coordinator team. They are committed to assisting foreign patients every step of the way, from dealing with insurance matters to facilitating billing agreements. Among its list of urinary treatments offered is male vasectomy surgery. For inquiries, go here.

There is a plethora of hospitals in Thailand that offer vasectomy services that will suit everyone’s preferences. Visit Health Tourism or MyMediTravel to learn more.

Preparation Pointers

While a vasectomy is generally known as a relatively pain-free procedure, it can still cause stress for some men. In this case, it is recommended to talk with a counselor or your attending physician to discuss your concerns –potential risks, side effects, recovery process, emotional considerations, and more.

As part of the pre-vasectomy preparations, it is usually advised to have your pubic hair shaved or trimmed, especially on the front of the scrotum or the underside of the penis, the night before the procedure. However, there are instances when doctors give specific instructions, so you better wait for the go signal.

Licensed Vasectomy Doctors

In case you have a preferred doctor for a vasectomy, it is crucial to ensure that they are qualified and licensed professionals. Begin by confirming his or her board certification in urology or related fields and that he/she is licensed to practice medicine in Thailand or in your preferred country or state.

You may do your research regarding the doctor’s professional background, education, training institutions, and affiliations with hospitals or medical organisations. As part of this, you may also seek out reviews, patient testimonials, complaints, disciplinary actions, or malpractice claim history under this specific doctor.

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