5 Fitness Channels to Revitalize Your Health and Lifestyle
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5 Fitness Channels to Help Bring Out a Healthier, Stronger You

Fitnesse Channels

With life’s daily hustle, it’s important to not only keep track of our career and personal wins, but to also make sure our bodies are getting the love and care they deserve. Staying healthy and being fit doesn’t have to be synonymous with grueling workout routines or restrictive diets that cut down on your favorite things to eat. Balance is key to healthy living, and with International Self-Care Day just around the corner, it’s important to take a moment to reevaluate your health condition, sound your body out, and provide what it needs at the moment.

Whether you’re looking to get in shape or simply working towards a healthier, more active lifestyle, here are some YouTube fitness channels to check out to help you reach your health and body goals!

Emi Wong

home workout
Photo from Emi Wong

Emi Wong is a Hong Kong YouTuber known for her fitness and lifestyle videos. Her channel took form in 2017, as a result of her mission to take better care of herself after suffering from health problems and eating disorders. In just over a year, she amassed over half a million subscribers, which encouraged her to work on her channel full-time.

Emi advocates for a healthy lifestyle that can be both accessible and attainable through her equipment-free workout sessions, fashion, and beauty tips, as well as travel videos. If you’re looking for ways to customize your workout routines, shed some weight, and build more muscle, head on over to her channel and get started!

Must try: Emi Wong’s Workout Programs curates some of her best YT workout vids, grouping them into daily, weekly, and monthly routines that you can use to properly set and achieve your fitness goals! Our personal favorite is the 30-minute Full Body Fat Burn HIIT which combines cardio and strength training within 6 sets of 5 exercises focusing on a specific body part from arms to abs and legs.


woman in gym
Photo from @itsbebe

“Bebe” Thanchanok Ritnaka is an ACE Certified personal trainer skilled in Pilates, Aerial, and Boxing. On top of that she is also a well-known Thai actress, model, and singer with over 2.5M followers on Instagram where she shares her fitness journey; inspiring many to achieve a toner, sexier, and healthier version of themselves.

Her YouTube channel is filled with workout routines that make exercising more accessible and help you burn body fat in a matter of weeks without needing to step out of the house!

Must try: Her Small Wins series is perfect for beginners as it fits workout routines into 10-minute intervals. The best part is that you can mix and match these routines or work on them throughout the day. It’s a terrific way to build discipline and accomplish your everyday movement goals.

K-Kardio Dance

K-pop Dance group
Photo from K-Kardio Dance

Want to make your Cardio workouts more fun? Say goodbye to endless runs on the treadmill and get moving to some of your favorite K-pop tunes!

Founded in Singapore by Jessica Lim, this workout program combines K-pop MTV moves with cardio and fitness elements such as Aerobics, Pilates, and Kickboxing. It’s easy, fun, and intense! These programs are choreographed to make you sweat while still looking swag and sexy like a K-Pop idol.

K-Kardio also hosts in-person classes in Singapore, Malaysia, and Brunei. For more details on locations, click here.

Must-try: From BTS to Blackpink workout tracks, head on over to their channel and dance those calories away!

Rebel PH

Fitness trainers and coaches
Photo from Rebel PH

Founded by multimedia personalities and brothers-in-law, Nico Bolzico and Erwan Heussaff, Rebel is the Philippines’ leading fitness app. Subscribing allows you to gain access to a diverse selection of workout programs, the best fitness trainers, and the largest fitness community in the country.

Although the app is a great way to really commit to your fitness goals, Rebel also offers a ton of free fitness content on their YT channel, featuring various programs from high- and low-impact workout routines and Yoga sessions to mental health and nutrition tips.

Must try: Staying fit is about more than just making your body move, but also about feeding it well. Rebel’s Nutrition 101 covers some of the basics of mindful eating, provides fat-loss tips, and explains different types of diets to complement your workouts.

Move with Nicole

yoga on the beach
Photo from Move with Nicole

A certified Pilates and Yoga instructor, Nicole is an Australian former Latin dancer and gymnast with a passion for movement. After retiring from competitive dancing in 2017, she began teaching Barre and Pilates in studios and gyms in Sydney.

But when dance and Pilates studios closed down during the COVID-19 pandemic, she ended up making videos on YouTube where she inspires others to move and feel good through Yoga, Pilates, and Cardio workouts. She currently resides in Phuket, Thailand, and has garnered over 3.07M subscribers.

Must try: Nicole demonstrates fusion routines on her channel such as Yoga Pilates and Barre Cardio that are fun and effective! Her monthly Workout Plans are also a good place to start and feature a variety of routines you can easily follow. ICYDN: Week 1 for July is already up so, consider this your push to get started today!

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