Party All Night Long With the Hottest DJs in Bangkok

Put Your Hands Up! Dance the Night Away With the Hottest DJs in Bangkok

It’s party time! Let your stress fly away with some of the hottest DJs in Bangkok, who are known for their great beats and hits that will leave you with no dry moments. Don't fret about your upcoming nightlife plans because we've compiled a list of DJs who are guaranteed to capture your attention and cater to your musical preferences.


Photo by Instagram/Nakadia

Starting off the list with one of the most well-known DJs in the country, Nakadia has firmly established herself as one of the premier DJs, commanding recognition both locally and internationally. As a passionate advocate for techno music, Nakadia now embarks on a global journey, sharing her electronic music prowess in various countries while also reconnecting with her Thai roots.

Learn more about her music by checking out her Spotify, SoundCloud, and YouTube.

Peter Soul 

Peter Soul
Photo by Instagram/Peter Soul

Hailing from France, Peter Soul ventured into the EDM scene in Bangkok, where he forged his own distinct identity with his techno music. Now, he is one of the regular DJs in different clubs and bars around the bustling city, where you can catch his electrifying set during your night out with your friends.

Feel the techno soul with his releases and mixes available on SoundCloud.


Photo by Instagram/BOTCASH

Awarded as the most popular DJ/producer at the Asia Top Awards 2023, BOTCASH stands out as a prominent figure in the music scene. Beyond his awards, BOTCASH's achievements include an album featuring notable industry names such as F.HERO and YOUNGOHM. His achievements and collaborations demonstrate his status as a noteworthy and talented music producer.

Jam and vibe with his releases on Spotify, SoundCloud, and YouTube.


Photo by Instagram/FERNISA

Growing up in northern Thailand, DJ Fernisa carries the natural sounds of her hometown into the bustling metropolis of Bangkok. With a unique blend of afro, melodic, progressive, ethnic, and acid techno, Fernisa has been a fixture in various bars across the city since 2021. Her sets are known for their focus on jungle vibes, providing a distinct auditory experience for her audience.

Feel more of her unique vibe by checking out her SoundCloud.

AÅSH Vibes 

Photo by Instagram/AÅSH VIBES

Renowned for his remixes that never fail to elevate the atmosphere and bring joy and excitement to partygoers, AÅSH Vibe boasts a strong following on his social media accounts, where he regularly shares his mixes and EDM beats. Aside from posting online, AÅSH also plays in clubs and bars, where he partners up with other music producers for his mashups.

Prepare to party all night wherever you are and hear more of him by checking out his Instagram and Spotify.

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