Cathay Pacific & Start from Zero Launch Upcycled Souvenirs


Cathay Pacific Collabs with Start from Zero to Craft Eco-Airline Souvenirs

Hong Kong-based airlines Cathay Pacific has teamed up with local carpentry and woodworking atelier Start From Zero to launch a mini collection of products made from recycled wood.

As part of Cathay Pacific's proclaimed commitment to sustainability, the airlines brand has released an exquisitely crafted mahjong set, alongside a special edition upcycled galley container. The limited edition souvenirs have been especially crafted to reflect the world-class Cathay lounge experience.

Cathay Pacific Collabs with Start from Zero to Craft Bespoke Upcycled Airline Souvenirs 1
Website/Cathay Shop

The mahjong set features ornate Cathay Jade green-adorned tiles in a wooden box fitted with retro elements such as rounded corners and retractable openings. Cathay Pacific chose the game of mahjong to represent local Hong Kong culture, finding inspiration in the unique art of carved mahjong sets.

The special edition upcycled galley container, known in the aviation world as a ‘KSSU container,’ has been retired from aboard Cathay’s flights and given a special wooden upgrade by Start From Zero. The new design features three modular trays and a multi-purpose top, all created from recycled wood and featuring the carpenter's signature pattern.

The mahjong set is available for purchase here, at HK$4880.

The galley is available for purchase here, at HK$4500.

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