Best Sustainable Activewear Brands for All Sports


Break a Sweat with These Sustainable Activewear Brands

As the year closes and travel restrictions are finally relaxing, a small wave of ‘normalcy’ washes over us, and we can all let out a long-held sigh. When we reflect on the impact the pandemic has had on our personal lives, it wouldn’t be too much of a stretch to say we’ve started looking at health differently too. Home workouts, better hygiene, and eating healthier, are all habits many of us have picked up (and perhaps dropped) in the time it took for things to cool down.

Moving forward into 2023, how about we kick-start working towards our personal fitness goals in an environmentally proactive way by supporting Hong Kong’s very own sustainable activewear brands! The Beat Asia has curated our top list for sustainable activewear for any and all sports, based in Hong Kong.

Good Days Activewear

Good Days Activewear
Website/Good Days Activewear

Good Days was founded during the peak of the pandemic in spring of 2020, carrying an optimistic brand outlook from the get-go, strongly advocating for better days ahead both for people and the planet.

Offering gorgeous, high-functionality and high-performance activewear for any and all activities, Good Days is your everyday workout garments retailer. Their goal of diverting plastics away from the ocean and onto our bodies is achieved with their patented eco-performance technology which recycles bottles, fishing nets, and nylon carpet, into clean polymers and nylon. The business itself has also made the wise decision to keep production small, so that there’s no excess stock. In the event that there is excess stock or left-over fabric from production, these ‘extras’ will be donated to local charity groups to be upcycled again into saleable goods.

As members of the 1% for the Planet, they have also committed themselves to donating at least 1% of their gross annual revenue to environmental non-profit organizations. You got to love a sustainable practice that follows through from start to finish!

Where to buy: Good Days

Tsunami Sport

Tsunami Sport
Website/Tsunami Sport

Founded in 2003, Tsunami Sport bore through the local sportswear scene causing a splash amongst team sports players. Starting with their first product, the Rugby collection, they swiftly expanded their product range from their original product to include a range that spans from dragon boat racing, to football, golf, and lawn bowling.

Fabrics at Tsunami Sport are made of their patented Eco-fit fabric containing 50% recycled polyethylene terephthalate, woven in with different weights of polyester.

Since 2005, Tsunami Sport has ben using biodegradable bags and have only just recently started using ‘Aquasolit’ bags for packaging. These Aquasolit bags dissolve in just a few seconds when soaked in hot water, and degrades slowly in cold water – leaving behind a food-safe, non-toxic biomass that won’t harm marine life.

Their delivery cartons are also made out of recycled materials, and the brand has gone the extra mile of arranging for recollection to reuse them as per their ‘no excuses for a single use’ policy. The same is said for their garments, which can be re-housed through the brand itself.

Where to buy: Tsunami Sport

Flow With Me

Flow With Me
Website/Indigo Luna

Flow With Me is an independent female owned business directed at bringing accessible, mindful designs, to your doorstep. Acting as a library for 11 brands across the world, Flow With Me houses conscientious brands that prioritize style, transparency, and sustainability.

With a passion for yoga and fitness anchored in being unapologetically confident and free, Flow With Me provides a full range of unique affordable Athleisure products that have been personally tested by the brand for any and all of your yoga needs. This is not a place for fast-fashion, nor will you ever feel like it should be – at least not with their forever-in-season pieces.

Some of our favourite brands include Alternative Apparel, Indigo Luna, Moon Child Yoga, Pharamond Life, and LONO Wear – most of which are not locally based, but thanks to Flow With Me, can be easily delivered to you in Hong Kong.

Where to buy: Flow With Me



Dubbed ‘the world’s best workout shoes’ LANE-EIGHT has been making huge waves in the fitness scene for those looking to buy a pair of long-lasting, planet friendly footwear. Their shoes use Tencel and Bloom technology which incorporates natural materials at a low cost to the environment.

Collaborating with leading eco-technology and data companies such as Invisible.Co and Carbon fact, the carbon intensity of each area is carefully assessed to determine the carbon footprint of each shoe model – all accessible information for the potential buyer.

Lightly worn-out shoes are also donated to charities and communities through organisations such as Shoes That Fit, The Watts Empowerment Centre, Genesis Women’s Shelter and Support, and Run HK.

Collaborations with Flexport and Well ensure accountability in carbon emissions, which has been offset by the brand by 56.18 tonnes, as well as helping the LANE-EIGHT community eliminate the need for single-use plastic bottles.

Like many of the brands listed here, LANE-EIGHT holds on to the mentality that they’re ‘just getting started’ – so we can definitely look forward to hearing more about their future ventures in sustainability soon.

Where to buy: Lane Eight

Rii Swim

Rii Swim
Website/Rii Swim

Fancy a dip? Whilst not specifically sports-headed, a good swimwear garment for kayaking, rowing, snorkelling, or surfing, is a must-have for anyone who likes to hit the beach on the weekends. Rii Swim is your sustainable luxe swimwear brand that uses durable ECONYL regenerated nylon fabric made from 100% recycled post-consumer waste that will stay in your closet long enough to last a life-time.

Each piece is purposefully designed, timeless, and fast-fashion unfriendly. Rii Swim intentionally limits stock with small-batch quantities to avoid surplus of waste and resources.

Additionally, Rii Swim feels just as responsible to its’ consumers to educate and bring awareness to handling plastics (yes, even recycled ones), from re-entering the oceans and harming marine life. They recommend hand washing and flat drying your garments or opting for a netting to help catch the plastics before they go down the hatch.

Where to buy: Rii Swim

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