Anti-Valentine's Day Date: Solo Activities for Feb. 14

Date with Myself: How to Have Fun Solo on Valentine's Day

Ugh it’s that time of the year where the date which shall not be named is cropping up again soon, and if you haven’t tired of the constant tirade of pricey ritualistic celebrations and peacocking of expensive gifts being shoved in your face yet, you deserve a medal.

Whether it’s the over-commercialism of the holiday or cheesy couples everywhere that’s giving you the ick, make your Valentine’s Day worthwhile with these fun activities to enjoy with the best company of all – your own!

See a Film

Watching a movie in your own company is one of the most underrated activities there is! Aside from getting to hog all the popcorn to yourself and skipping that awkward silent “whose cupholder is this?” tango, the experience lets the world around you quietly melt away once you let the onscreen story take over.

HKMovie6 is a handy go-to for the latest showings in Hong Kong that aggregates from cinemas around the city and allows you to buy tickets as well as browse most of the screenings’ seating plans and availabilities.

Indulge in a Spa Day

While Valentine’s Day coincides with Hong Kong’s Chinese New Year festivities this year, the back-to-back bombardment of reds and pinks is sure to be a lot of sensory overload to handle. It’s a sign that this extended weekend is just the time for you to finally unwind and take some space – and “treat yo’self” to a luxurious spa journey.

Designed to honour the strength and wisdom of the Wood Dragon, this 150-minute experience of self-renewal promises to rejuvenate your body, mind, and spirit. Begin your self-love journey with a soul-nourishing 15-minute meditation, followed by a luxurious 60-minute gold facial treatment, inspired by the dragon's legendary vitality. Complementing this is a sublime 75-minute Marma massage, using Subtle Energies' natural essence oil, carefully crafted to harmonize your Qi with the ascending energy of the new year.

landmark mandarin oriental spa

Eat Ramen at Ichiran

Dining solo can be a nerve-racking experience, so let’s approach it with baby steps. Famously designed to give individual diners to become fully immersed in enjoying a bowl of piping hot ramen alone, ramen chain Ichiran has popularized their famed one-person booths since 1993.

A little reminiscent of a study carrel in the most silent corner of your school library, these divided blocks are comfy little cubby holes that give your senses a space to pay full attention to the restaurant’s rich savoury broth and springy noodles.

Location: Ichiran, click here to see all branches

Celebrate Galentine’s

While we turn up our noses up at the sickly-sweet romance of Valentine’s Day, our hearts remain full and overflowing with another kind of love – friendship. Calling all ladies, let’s turn this V-day into a Galentine’s occasion and celebrate each other.

Hosting a girls’ night welcoming all, Women of Hong Kong has organized a "Cheers to Galentine's: Stories, Games, and Drinks!" event. This delightful occasion extends a warm invitation to all ladies eager to share amusing dating anecdotes, indulge in a touch of glamour, partake in entertaining games, and savour delightful beverages. With participants encouraged to contribute a dish or treat to the evening’s communal Galentine's potluck feast, the night promises to be an enriching and heartwarming experience for all.

hiking alone for valentines day

Go on a Mindful Hike

Hiking is a wonderful way to take a breather from the pressure cooker that is inner city Hong Kong and makes for a fantastic brief getaway from all the overbearing explosions of bright pinks and PDA that’s been scheduled for the day.

Make the journey an extra special one and bring along a handful of journalling stationery and your notebook with you or even a film camera, then give yourself time at each pit stop in the outdoors to soak in the atmosphere all around. Let your mind wander without judgement or outside nuisances, before solidifying your memories on paper and film for more lasting impressions.

Please be sure that you are familiar enough with the trail you are taking and that you have taken the right precautions. Remember to bring enough water and supplies to enjoy the trip safely!

Laugh it Off

If the sight of cupids and hearts leaves a bitter taste in your mouth, The Aftermath is set to transform Valentine's Day from a clichéd celebration of romance into a riot of laughter and amusement with its innovative event, the 'Be My Valentine (cos I don't have one) Comedy Show.' Offering an exceptional evening that pokes fun at love, dating, and the idiosyncrasies of Valentine's Day, this comedy show is an ideal retreat that stares this garish holiday right in the face.

A stellar lineup of stand-up comedians including Bianca Lau, Fran Ayala, Rose Rage, Asher Chan, Hillian Siu, Georgia, and Jess Ng will take the stage, sharing their witty insights and experiences. These performers, celebrated for their appearances on international platforms, promise to infuse The Aftermath with an infectious energy, making it a night to remember.

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