Cheung Sha Wan Pier Waterfront Canopy Adds Sculptural Waves

Cheung Sha Wan Pier Canopy Adds Sculptural Waves to the Waterfront

Stretching elegantly across the Cheung Sha Wan promenade in Hong Kong, the Cheung Sha Wan Pier Canopy stands as a testament to innovative design and transformative urban spaces. Local studio New Office Works has skilfully crafted a wavy canopy that echoes the arrangement of boats along the waterfront, creating a mesmerizing architectural marvel.

Influenced by the historical significance of the site, the canopy draws inspiration from the docking of boats and the area's past use as a cargo offloading point. The undulating roofs, supported by staggered poles, resemble an informal pattern of aggregation, while also breaking up the mass of the roof, offering a unique visual experience.

Not only does the canopy pay homage to the waterfront's history, but it also reflects its on-land surroundings. The curved roof modules mirror the distinctive profile of a modernist vegetable market that once occupied the area. This integration of past and present adds depth and character to the design.

As part of a broader waterside redevelopment plan, the Cheung Sha Wan Pier Canopy serves multiple purposes. Besides providing shade, it creates a space for informal gatherings and various activities, such as fishing, picnicking, and yoga. At the end of the pier, stepped seating offers visitors an open view of the stunning Hong Kong and Kowloon skylines.

The canopy's sculptural form consists of repeating dipped sections that join together to form an undulating, scalloped shape. Reflective aluminium panels line the underside, while a standing seam roof sits on top. A steel structure, comprising columns and curved beams, supports the canopy, which is divided into five parallel strips. Slim voids between each section of the roof provide ventilation and play with light, creating a captivating atmosphere underneath.

Throughout the day, sunlight filters through the shelter, casting beautiful interplays of light and shadow. At night, the gaps between the roofs allow interior light to seep through, creating a distinctive profile floating above the water.

With its striking design and versatile functionality, the Cheung Sha Wan Pier Canopy aims to attract people to the waterfront promenade.

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