Gareth T on Song Creating, Hong Kong Music, and Fashion
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Singer Gareth T Chats Song Creation, Hong Kong Music, and Fashion

Gareth T Chats Song Creating Hong Kong Music and Fashion

It's hard to believe that not too long ago, Hong Kong born-and-raised singer and producer Gareth Tong was just a music student at Boston's prestigious Berklee College of Music. After years of dedication to his craft, Gareth’s hard work has been paying off big time, as of late.

The indie musician took the local Hong Kong music scene by storm with his hit song "Boyfriend Material", released in March 2021, which was left on repeat by musicophiles across the city.

Dropping two singles, “Buzz Cut” and “Happy Tears”, in September and October 2022, Gareth reached new levels of stardom with his first headlining concert, November Rain, held last November.

The singer-songwriter/producer, who dresses impeccably, sings in both Cantonese and English, and radiates a cool swagger wherever he goes, chats to The Beat Asia, answering some questions we’ve been dying to know! 

Singer Gareth T Chats Song Creating, Hong Kong Music, and Fashion

Studying at Berklee College of Music before returning to Hong Kong, have you ever envisioned your career in music materialising to this?

Before returning to Hong Kong, my goal was to be a producer and songwriter, more so than a singer. Therefore, being a singer in Hong Kong was something I never really envisioned.

How do you describe the music you sing and produce?

I think I am still evolving into the musician I want to be. Now, I would describe the music I sing and produce as ‘in progress’ or ‘still experimenting’.

Releasing Boyfriend Material, Buzz Cut, and Happy Tears in English and eaturing it in Cantonese, is it important to sing in both mediums?

I think it's important to sing in both mediums. Firstly, because I enjoy doing it, and secondly, because singing Cantonese and English songs requires very different skill sets. Since I was born and raised in Hong Kong, I've made it my mission to sing in both languages.

Singer Gareth T Chats Song Creating, Hong Kong Music, and Fashion

Following your starry concert showing of November Rain in November 2022, what are you next setting your sights on to accomplish in your career?

I am spending more time writing music, so I have no major plans in the future, just going song-by-song. My next song comes out in the beginning of June.

What are your hopes for Hong Kong’s music industry in 2023?

From 2022 to 2023, I noticed a surge of Hong Kong artists and producers. For 2023, I hope the trend continues, and we can see a new breed of Hong Kong artist.

Singer Gareth T Chats Song Creating, Hong Kong Music, and Fashion

Who and what inspires your infectious fashion style?

I get my inspiration from Instagram mainly, but hanging with fashionable friends helps as well.

You recently wore an Arsenal shirt at a clothing launch in May, Manchester United jerseys in an April concert, and Japanese and Hong Kong tops on Instagram. Who do you support?

I support Arsenal and whoever wins the Premier League that season.

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