Neopets Pop-up in Hong Kong Celebrate Game’s 25 Anniversary

Neopets 25th Anniversary Wonderland: Nostalgic Y2K Experience in Hong Kong

The holiday season of 2023 is set to be a trip down memory lane for gamers who have grown up in the Y2K era! From Dec. 1, 2023, to Jan. 1, 2024; Neopets is hosting its first-ever spectacular pop-up store and installations in Asia, bringing nostalgia to fans and introducing the game to younger generations.

This enchanting event will be held in Causeway Bay, Hong Kong, transforming Paterson Street, Food Street, and the Fashion Walk Atrium into a whimsical, themed wonderland.

The Neopets Hong Kong pop-up store, located in the Fashion Walk Atrium, promises a warm welcome with beloved characters Kacheek and Shoyru. The journey continues on Paterson Street, where visitors are greeted by Aisha and Shoyru, seeing the World of Neopia come to life. A highlight includes a 2-meter-tall Christmas gift box display, allowing fans to experience the thrill of stepping into the Hasee Bounce minigame, and meeting characters like Kougra. Before turning the corner to Food Street be dazzled with Jubjub's appearance, enhancing the festive atmosphere under starry lights.

Fans can also explore their creativity in designated drawing areas and enjoy themed balloons distributed every weekend. Moreover, a 25th-anniversary limited edition postcard is available for visitors to send their festive wishes to loved ones and family.

Neopets phone grip

Making lasting memories out of the occasion, Neopets is also offering a range of limited-edition merchandise. This includes the coveted 25th-anniversary Neohoods, limited to 3,000 pieces, and an exclusive Neopets phone grip with 12 characters to choose from. Collectors can also find keychain plushies, a Faerieland-themed tarot card set, advent calendars, and trendy Neopets tote bags.

Neopets, first unveiled in 1999, quickly became a cultural phenomenon, reaching 35 million monthly active users. It set the stage for modern social media with its interactive virtual pet world, where users adopt, raise, and play with their unique pets through various tasks and games.

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