‘Under the Lion’s Rock’ Breakdance Comp Returns Mar 25 in HK


Hong Kong to Host ‘Under the Lion’s Rock’ Breakdance Competition on Mar. 25

Marking a grand return, Hong Kong’s biggest breaking competition is making a second edition comeback on Mar. 25 this year. Themed “Under the Lion’s Rock: For the Culture”, this prestigious event is gunning to draw in talented b-boys and b-girls from everywhere between South Korea, Australia, the U.K., and more.

The tournament is organized by UTLR852 (Under the Lion’s Rock 852), a Hong Kong-based host for breaking events, with guests and participants invited from all over the world. Focused on honing the local breaking scene to international heights, the UTLR852 crew are dedicated to furthering breakdancing by expanding the community, in addition to developing recognition for other sects of street culture such as graffiti and MCing through meets and workshop.

Competitors will go head-to-head on thrilling 1-on-1 breaking battles, as well as a ‘7 to Smoke’ format that sees dancers going up against each other with the goal of collecting 7 points against the other six breakers along the line in a series of battles.

On the judging panel are South Korea’s Skim (Kim Heon Jun) of Jinjo Crew, Japan’s Katsu One from Ready to Rock (Katsuyuki Ishikawa), and Style Elements Crew rep PoeOne. Beats to complement the breaks will be provided by UK-based DJ KhanFu alongside veteran DJ Tee (Japan), with commentary and rhymes from MC Fleta from South Korea and Hong Kong’s very own MC Humor.

Aside from the main competition, there will also be a variety of showcases featuring a group performance from Jinjo Crew (South Korea), a never-before-seen duo show featuring martial arts champion Summer Ha and UTLR852 founder Mirage (Jessica Siu Yue-pui) fusing together their practices, and much more.

Stay tuned to the official UTLR852 Instagram for more updates and announcements on the competition to come.

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