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Thirst-Quenching Milk Tea Shops in Macau

Milk tea in Macau 2023

Is there anything more rewarding than a cup of iced milk tea after a tiring day under the scorching heat of the sun? Macau is no stranger to this drink craze as numerous milk tea shops have mushroomed across the city. From the classic flavors such as oolong and wintermelon to new twists such as caramelized sugar pearls, milk tea in Macau is sure to pick up your day. Here are some of the best milk tea shops in Macau to quench your thirst.

Sei Kee Café

Sei Kee Cafe
Photo by SWebsite/Taipa Village Macau

A former outdoor tea joint, Sei Kee Café uses traditional charcoal to make its coffee and tea. Its shop is located in Taipa Village and is a go-to spot for locals and tourists craving authentic milk tea in Macau. One of its best-sellers is the bottled milk tea, which is perfect if you want to take a sip while sightseeing.

Location: 1 Largo Dos Bombeiros, Taipa Village

Chou Kei

This popular local restaurant serves iced-cold milk tea sprinkled with crunchy wheat flakes. Called acrospire milk tea, this offering tastes like malt and is Chou Kei’s own take on the favorite drink. If you’re at the restaurant, be sure to try its main dishes, too! A must-have is the crowd favorite fried noodles, which you can pair with a cup of acrospire milk tea.

Location: 18 Largo Governador Tamagnini Barbosa, Taipa Village

Dumpling Town

This milk tea shop in Macau is heaven-sent for lactose intolerants. Dumpling Town uses almond milk, making its drinks suitable for vegans and those with lactose intolerance. A visit to this restaurant won’t be complete without trying out its famous dumplings, which come either fried or steamed.

Location: 5A Beco da Arruda, Macau

Café Vong Kei

The walls of Café Vong Kei are splashed with colors and contain unique framed posters, creating a cozy ambiance while you’re sipping your favorite drink. This café is located in Taipa Village, Macau’s cultural haven. It has been selling milk tea for decades, making it an authority when it comes to the said favorite drink. Its milk tea is sweet and is available either hot or cold. You can pair it with the café’s signature pineapple buns, which are also available for takeaway.

Location: 60 Rua Correia da Silva, Taipa Village

Carnes Assadas De Keong Kei

If you want to have a sip of authentic milk tea in Macau, the best place to go to is Carnes Assadas De Keong Kei. Situated inside a market, this milk tea shop serves the flavorsome drink to limited customers. The owners have been making the milk tea for more than five decades using a clay pot, a deviation from the usual blender and burner that other contemporary makers use.

Location: Rua Sul do Mercado de S. Domingos, Complexo Municipal Do Mercado de S. Domingos, 3/F Senado Square

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