Here's Where You Can Get Your Vegan Food Items in Manila

We're Spilling the Beans: Here's Where You Can Get Your Vegan Fix in Manila

Whether you're a seasoned vegan warrior or just tiptoeing into the world of plant-based cuisine, one thing's for sure: Manila's vegan food scene is hotter than jalapeño. With numerous vegan food suppliers popping up here and there, choosing the crème de la crème among them can be overwhelming.

Hold on to your forks because we're here to spill the (plant-based) beans! We've scoured every nook, cranny, and chickpea field to share with you the best vegan-friendly food items out there. From heavenly meatless picks to dairy-free dreams, these brands will have your palate craving more while also learning more about the array of vegan options available in Manila:

Alt Scoops

Fancy a pint of gelato without the dairy? Hygge Beverage Company’s Alt Scoops might be for you! It offers a variety of ice cream flavors, such as mango, coconut, strawberry, milk and cookies, vanilla, pistachio, and many more! Aside from pints and soft serves, the brand also has Alt Pops, its popsicle ice creams with a thick and crispy white or dark chocolate coating.

Despite being dairy-free, Alt Scoops’ ice cream boasts a great balance of creaminess and fruity goodness. You can get these at its stall on the second floor of The Podium in Mandaluyong or via Hygge’s website.

Contact details: 0917 127 4597 or email [email protected]


If you’re a vegan foodie and you love milk, MLKD gives you the best of both worlds. All its products are plant-based, made with ingredients like almonds, oats, horchata, and cacao. Aside from beverages, it also makes spreadable cookie butter, which comes in two varieties: almond cashew and granola. You can use these as a spread for your warm bread or hot pancakes, or eat them on their own! Shop for MLKD’s products at Lazada, Shopee, and Real Food PH’s website or stores in BGC, Molito, and Makati.

Contact details: Email [email protected]

Plantly Foods

Craving for chicken? “Chick” (pun intended) this out! Plantly Foods offers a variety of plant-based chicken products that are all-natural, cholesterol-free, high in fiber, and still filled with protein. You can go crazy making various chicken recipes with Chick’n Chunks or go with the equally meaty Chick’n Inasal and Chick’n Nuggets. These items are available in The Superfood Grocer branches nationwide or through its website.

Contact details: 0917 874 7708/+63 2 8 631 5436 or email [email protected]

Mindful Indulgence

Go guilt-free with Mindful Indulgence’s delectable desserts! The vegan-friendly store offers sweet snacks that you won’t be able to get enough of, including its Peanut Butter Cups. These are available in different flavors: matcha, white chocolate, and dark chocolate truffle. You should also try its Faux Trix bars, its own take on the Twix chocolate, which give an amazing blend of sweetness and saltiness with every bite.

All these are made of plant-based ingredients and are dairy-, gluten-, and cholesterol-free! You can purchase them at Berde Eats, Real Food PH, The Vegan Grocer, or directly on Mindful Indulgence’s website.

Contact details: 0920 242 3961

The Good Choices

Dedicated to making plants taste like meat, The Good Choices is a must-try brand for those transitioning to a vegan diet. The brand, believe it or not, makes iconic Filipino dishes such as adobo, sisig, tapa, tocino, bistek, and more, with vegan-only ingredients. It also offers meat-free barbeques, longganisa, and embutido. Sample these must-tries and more through The Good Choices’ Lazada and Shopee stores or Real Food PH.

Contact details: 0969 302 0321 or email [email protected]


Vegan food can be quite pricey. As a brand for nutrition-conscious individuals, 7Grains offers healthy food substitutions that do not break the bank. These include its low-carb Dry Skinny Noodles and its gluten-free Edamame Protein Pasta which cost P160 and P175, respectively. They also have staple food items such as the Dry Skinny Rice and Shirataki Rice and Noodles, which are perfect substitutes for rice and those following a diet can also check these out.

That’s not all, because the brand also houses condiments, such as Skinny Seasoning, Tomato Ketchup, and Calamansi Puree, among many others. Filipina actress and socialite Heart Evangelista was even spotted using 7Grains’ Skinny Seasoning, and it’s her favorite product to flavor her meals with! To get yours, shop via 7Grains or visit Real Food PH’s stores and website.

Contact details: (02) 2110901/0917 811 7080 or email [email protected]

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