Meinas: A 7-Step Scalp Treatment For Hair Loss, Dandruff
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The 7-Step Scalp Treatment That Can Alleviate Hair Fall, Dandruff

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It might sound strange, but it’s true: people form emotional attachments to their hair. The way we style our hair is representative of our own self-image and expression; perhaps this is why having a bad hair day or a poorly executed cut dampens our day.

Yet, despite the fact that hair is a billion-dollar industry worldwide, people rarely take the time to look beyond their locks and into the source of it all: our scalps.

Only recently have scalp treatments become viral on platforms such as TikTok. For most people, scalp health is still a relatively unexplored facet of self-care. But in fact, therein lies the secret to a healthy head of hair.

Scalp care is hair care

“Neglecting scalp health can lead to issues like dandruff, itchiness, and hair loss,” shared Christine Ong, Managing Partner at Meinas Scalp Treatment Center. In fact, she isn’t wrong. Oily scalps can block nutrients from entering follicles, leading to hair being easily damaged or too thin.

Aside from chemical build-up, medication and genetic inheritance can also contribute to problems with hair. “To feel beautiful on the outside, it's essential to prioritize the foundation of where healthy hair begins — your scalp,” added Christine.

Meinas, a Malaysian brand known for servicing the scalp, has in fact been readily available in the Philippines since 2011. Ahead of its curve, Meinas Philippines was brought to the Philippines to address “a significant gap in specialised scalp care.”

But even today– over 10 years later – it’s still fairly uncommon to find a service that cares for hair in the approachable way that Meinas does. “We sought to destigmatize scalp problems by highlighting their commonality and offering a holistic approach to care,” explained Christine. “Our goal is to create a welcoming space where clients feel comfortable and understood, moving away from a clinical setting towards a warm, inviting atmosphere.”

The 7 steps to a healthy scalp

The treatment starts with a wooden brush scalp massage

What sets Meinas apart is their methodical and meticulous scalp care treatment totalling seven steps. It takes approximately 1.5-2 hours to finish the entire treatment, and clients are discouraged from washing their hair or putting any product on their scalp within the next 24 hours. But fear not, the entire process is incredibly refreshing and rejuvenating, with most steps involving cooling products that will leave your scalp feeling renewed.

The first step involves a relaxing scalp massage with Meinas’ wooden health comb. Expert hands will run through your scalp in order to enhance blood circulation. This prepares the follicles for the next few steps – and will also ease you into the entire experience.

Seamud is applied thoroughly to all areas of the scalp

The second step is scalp stimulation. Using their unique seamud formulation – which comprises 26 types of minerals in order to eliminate bacteria – Meinas technicians will meticulously comb through all areas of the scalp with a fine-tooth brush.

This is followed by oxygen regeneration. A little confusing at first, this part of the routine involves placing a headset-like breathing apparatus near the nose in order for you to breathe in activated pressurised oxygen. Technicians will ask you to inhale and exhale deeply five times, and then normally thereafter. This helps release the toxins in the scalp.

A thorough cleanse

Steps four and five come hand in hand and are perhaps my favourite steps of the entire treatment. Scalp purification and scalp nourishment are promoted through a deep cleanse with Meinas’ herb scalp cleanser and herb botanical cleanser. These products are incredibly rejuvenating due to its cooling sensation. It also comes with a vigorous scrub akin to a massage in order to support nutrient absorption.

Herb  tonic is sprayed throughout the scalp

This is then followed by a thorough spray-on of the Meinas herb tonic. The tonic itself has an earthy, musky scent and aims to address itching, dandruff, and hair fall; it is also incredibly cooling, a perfect entreaty for the summer heat. The last step, scalp activation, allows for the tonic to be fully absorbed by the scalp.

Clients are encouraged to consult with their onsite health professional before and after the treatment in order to assess the conditions of their scalp before and after. “We also offer scalp maintenance tips to be done at home daily to ensure the progress of a healthy scalp. This is tailored to the scalp type of each client,” said Christine.

Post-treatment care

It's important to choose the right kinds of products for your scalp and hair

With regular treatments and the right arsenal of products, those suffering from dandruff, itchiness, or hair loss will be well on their way to long, luscious locks. “Our clients come weekly while some come bi-monthly or monthly,” Christine shared.

At home, people are encouraged to use gentle cleansers in order to prevent chemical residue buildup. “Most commercial shampoos and hair products tend to be harsh on the scalp resulting in itching, dandruff, and even hair fall,” noted Christine. “Our Meinas Products were carefully and thoughtfully formulated to address these issues specially made for various scalp types. Wooden brushes with rounded ends are also advisable to be used to massage the scalp to promote blood circulation which leads to healthier scalp and hair.”

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