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pH-1, K-Rap’s Brightest Talent, Brings Korean Cool to His First PH Concert

With pH-1’s star shining so bright these days, it seems so long when he was a minor attraction for H1HGR MUSIC, the hip-hop label founded by Korea’s The Boy, Jay Park. But, even then, the Long Island native seems to only be paying his dues until his time comes. He had the talent from the beginning, as heard from his feature on dingo freestyle’s “iffy” and his own track from four years ago, “Malibu.”

Four years ago.

Since then, he has released “X,” an honest-to-goodness “No Ceilings” moment for the rapper, “The Island Kid,” his first extended play where he showed that his rap game is more than braggadocio, and “BUT FOR NOW LEAVE ME ALONE,” his second full album. What’s keeping him busy these days is his international tour, “About Damn Time,” and he stopped by the capital to bring some much-needed Korean cool to a sweaty climate.

Photo by The Beat MNL

The Beat Manila was at Filinvest Tent in Alabang, Muntinlupa last May 3 to witness his first solo performance in the country. There was no preamble this time, as no local act opened for him which is customary for pH-1’s concerts. But, this time, everybody got straight to the action.

The whole thing was like a greatest hits compilation because he went through all the songs that made him a highlight act in Korean hip-hop. Not that you’ll hear complaints from us. 

Photo by The Beat MNL
Photo by The Beat MNL
Photo by The Beat MNL

For the fans who waited so long for him, hearing “ZOMBIES,” “Homebody,” “TELEFONO,” “365&7,” “Nerdy Love,” and his other hits, this is cloud nine. And for as small as this crowd compared to his other stops, the energy was high. Even the man on the stage noticed it. And as rappers are known to do, he instigated by splashing the crowd with some water and the tent got inches from dangerous levels. Of fun, that is.

Photo by The Beat MNL
Photo by The Beat MNL
Photo by The Beat MNL

pH-1 sat down for a breather, and that’s when he had an exchange with his adoring followers. He thought “poga” is how you call pretty girls pretty, which was quickly corrected. By the end of the night, he knew “pogi,” “maganda” and its proper recipient.

Photo by The Beat MNL

At the end of his hour-and-a-half performance, he made good on his promise. pH-1 showed Korean rap’s most ardent fans a damn good time. It’s safe to say that pH-1’s fans will be clamoring for seconds soon.

pH-1’s “About Damn Time” tour in Manila was brought to you by events producer Karpos Multimedia.

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