Space-saving Tips for Small Spaces Featuring Ikea Furniture

Four Space-saving Tips for Small Spaces Featuring Ikea Furniture

Living in the city, we know that space is a luxury. Many of us sacrifice space just to be near our workplace and, for parents, our kid’s school. Sometimes it can feel a bit cramped, but we’d rather choose that than suffer the hellish commute every day.

Having a small space, however, doesn’t mean you can’t maximize it to its full potential. Below are some space-saving tips you can follow, along with our recommended Ikea furniture, to make the most of every square foot in your home.

Tip #1: Get a multi-purpose dining table that you can fold when not in use.

Ikea Furniture Small Spaces
Photo by Website/Ikea

A dining table is one of the most important pieces of furniture in any home, but it takes too much space when not in use. To solve this, we recommend getting Ikea’s NORDEN gateleg table (P13,990).

A gateleg table is a type of drop leaf table where a leg swings out to hold the table’s surface (or what they call the leaves). It’s convenient because you can use one leg if only two people need it, or both legs if four people use it. What’s more, it has drawers where you can store condiments or utensils.

If you’re worried about it being unstable, Ikea noted it has been tested against their “strictest standards for stability, durability, and safety to withstand everyday use.” Whether you’re only using one side of the table or both, you’re sure this table is safe enough to use.

Tip #2: Get a daybed instead of a separate bed and sofa.

Ikea Furniture Small Spaces
Photo by Website/Ikea

When living in an apartment or condo, one of the things we often sacrifice is the sofa. After all, who needs that when you can sit on the bed (or a bean bag) while watching your favorite Netflix show? Still, if you want the best of both worlds, we recommend getting Ikea’s BRIMNES Daybed frame with two drawers (P14,990) or their HEMNES Daybed frame with three drawers (P21,990).

Daybeds are also a good idea if you love to invite friends over or have an unexpected guest because you’re sure you’ll have a comfy space for them. No need to make them sleep on the floor!

Tip #3: Get a peg board and organize your items.

Ikea Furniture Small Spaces
Photo by Website/Ikea

Peg boards are becoming popular recently because apart from the aesthetic vibes they give, they help organize items that would’ve taken up a huge space on the table or any other surface.

We recommend getting Ikea’s SKÅDIS Pegboard combination (P1,850), so you don’t have to buy separate accessories for the boards. If you want ideas on how to make it work for your small space, you can use it as a charging hub for your gadgets, a space to keep all your home office supplies like pens and other stationery, or a place to hang your pans and other kitchen supplies.

Tip #4: Get seating furniture with storage.

Ikea Furniture Small Spaces
Photo by Website/Ikea

If you’re planning to buy new seating furniture, get one with storage. We recommend going for Ikea’s GRÖNLID Ottoman with storage (P9,590) or their STOCKSUND Bench (P16,590).

Ottomans are versatile because you can use them to rest your feet or as extra seating when you have guests coming over. As for the bench, it’s a good addition by the door, so you can use the storage for socks, indoor slippers, and other items you can easily grab before leaving your home. The space underneath can also be used to keep your shoes.

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