Jose Miguel to Reintroduce Jazz With Upcoming Tracks

Emerging Artist Jose Miguel to Bring Old Tunes Back in Style With New Songs

Another talented artist is making his way into the world of music!

With the aim of reintroducing “old-fashioned tunes” to the current generation, budding singer-songwriter Jose Miguel is making his return to the jazz and folk genres with a solo debut album coming out soon, starting off with a two-track release this month.

Singer-Songwriter Jose Miguel Artist Photo
Photo by Ralph Mendo

Called "Is This Love?” the double release will be unveiled on Nov. 24, featuring songs “Love Is You” and “Free.”

“Love Is You” is a song that explores the complexities of falling in love and the longing that comes with it. Meanwhile, “Free” takes on a much livelier approach, highlighting the theme of “asking someone out,” coupled with Jose Miguel’s suave tone.

After “Is This Love?,” two brand-new songs are also set for release on Dec. 15. In the meantime, you can pre-save the first two songs on various music platforms by visiting this link.

Jose Miguel made his first strides in music in high school, performing at school events and bar gigs. He's also a part of the boogie fusion band, Basically Saturday Night.

Watch out for Jose Miguel and his upcoming debut! You can connect with him through his Instagram, Facebook, X (formerly Twitter), and TikTok pages, or subscribe to his YouTube channel to check out his music soon!

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