Meet NICHIMI, Singer-Songwriter and Producer from Cavite
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The Beat Manila’s Up-and-Coming Artist: Singer-Songwriter NICHIMI

The Beat Manilas Up and Coming Artist Singer Songwriter NICHIMI

The Beat Manila’s Up and Coming is a series where we feature rising talented artists from the Philippines, giving them a platform to share what they’re passionate about and promote the music they (and us too!) would love for the world to hear. Do you want or know someone who wants to be featured? Email us at [email protected] or slide through our DMs on Facebook or Instagram!

One of the biggest challenges the pandemic brought to everyone was uncertainty, with each day presenting us with new questions and challenges. Despite the odds, this talented individual turned his corner of solitude into a space of creativity, resulting in melodies and lyrics that can touch other people’s hearts.

Hailing from Cavite, rising artist Nicholas Cioco, also known as NICHIMI, discovered his innate musical talent at a young age through playing instruments, but it was during the pandemic that he decided to fully commit to the craft. Since then, he has been releasing songs with relatable verses and groovy melodies — something R&B and hip-hop lovers will surely enjoy listening to.

For our new installment of the Up-and-Coming Artist series, The Beat Asia got the chance to learn more about rising musician NICHIMI. In this interview, the Cavite-based artist talks about his beginnings, goals, inspirations, and his latest single, “Pause!” among others.

Hi NICHIMI! Could you give us a brief introduction about yourself?

Hi, this is NICHIMI! I am a singer-songwriter and music producer from the Philippines. I am 21 years old, and my main genres are pop, hip-hop, rap, OPM, and R&B.

What's the story behind your stage name, NICHIMI?

My stage name comes from my legal name, "Nicholas,” then I altered it into three syllables so that it'll be nice when I try to write it in Korean or Japanese characters. [I’ve been] using the name NICHIMI since 2017, back when I was doing EDM and lo-fi remixes.

What fueled your interest in music?

Since I was a kid, I got interested in singing and playing instruments, specifically drums. Then the global pandemic [happened]. I started practicing my vocals again by doing song covers by various artists. That's when I thought that maybe music is real life for me.

You began your music career at the height of the pandemic. Were there any particular challenges you encountered and surpassed when you were creating your first few songs?

I think the only challenge for me was when the promotion season [kicked] in. After I released my starter songs, it was hard to compete with other upcoming artists when it came to promoting my own songs.

Congratulations on the release of your latest single, 'Pause!' What was the inspiration behind this kilig-filled song?

This song is inspired by the movie "The Notebook.” The scene where they were hanging around in the middle of the empty road, chit-chatting. Then, I [felt] like it'd be good if I added more to the story, which is a proposal in the middle of quiet Paris.

Among all the songs you’ve created so far, what is your favorite? Could you tell us more about the song and how it came to be?

The first song that [comes] to mind is "Magmahal Muli.” This was the first mellow OPM song that uplifted the hype inside of me [to make] great songs. I would also take this as a personal song because this was heavily inspired by my life story after I experienced a great "kilig" and romantic point. If you're in love, you'll get it!

As a singer-songwriter and a producer, what would you like your music to be most known for?

I want to be known as a hidden gem for some people who enjoy listening to R&B and OPM music. I never wanted to gatekeep my listeners, but I want them to spread it for as long as they can. And I'm hoping that the masses will appreciate my voice, as well as that of the other rising artists.

If you were given a chance to collaborate with someone, locally or internationally, who would it be and why?

The first artists that [come] to mind are Keshi, SUGA from BTS, and Jeremy Zucker. They were my very best inspiration when writing songs and also my comfort artists ever since. Locally, of course, I would like to collaborate with my co-artists at Dreamify, such as YNISH, Paul Lagac, Patrick Magada, and more!

What’s next for NICHIMI? Do you have any new projects, music, or gigs we can look forward to?

Dreamify will be having an upcoming gig this November. It is called “Onse-onse” and will be held at the Balcony Music House in Poblacion, Makati. Also, if you want to check out all my updates on music, see my Dreamify Facebook page and Instagram! You can also follow me on Instagram, @nichimimusic.

This interview has been edited for length and clarity. To know more about NICHIMI, follow him on Instagram or Facebook. You can also stream his music on YouTube and Spotify.

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